Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Georgia's Hidden Treasures

On Sunday evening we caught a special on channel 2 news about Georgia's Hidden Treasures. It wasn't a very exciting show, but we had it on while working on our computers. We discovered a lot of things we had no idea were in the state of Georgia. I know we want to do at least 1 before the summer is over. Speaking of summer, I am so ready for it to be over. It's been so hot. We have a few more bathing suit events happening, but after that I'm ready to put it away for the season and go pick some apples and have cider.
I just wanted to highlight some of the things we learned about the state where we live. In the north Georgia Mountains they went and explored Georgia’s highest peak. It's called Brasstown Bald.They also went to a couple of waterfalls that we have here. They went to Tallulah Falls and Amicalola Falls. I have always wanted to go see one and I think this is one we want to do. 
They also went to Noah's Ark. It is an animal rehabilitation center. They have over 1,000 animals. Do you remember the story about the zebra that was wandering the highway in Atlanta? Well, he was hurt and no one else would take him in so Noah's Ark did. It is free to visit, but they take donations. I didn't know until I looked at the website that they also take 24 children in. Do you have any interesting places in Georgia that you have been? We're always looking for fun weekend activities. Pin It

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Ginny said...

Who knew there were waterfalles in GA. You ever see the ones around home? Not Niagara Falls either.

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