Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Whose House......Our House- Trip to Georgia Southern

We stopped in Statesboro, GA on our way down to Florida. We haven't been back in 4 years, since Michelle graduated. We had the best time going to our old hang out places and seeing how things changed. We did a driving tour with a few stops. Sorry this post is kinda long, I got picture happy because I was so excited.
As we came into town we passed by our favorite Mexican restaurant, El Sombrero. They seem to be doing some renovations.
We ended up eating lunch at Nikko Express. Nikko's is/was our favorite restaurant in the boro, but unfortunately the sit down restaurant (located next door) is only open for dinner.
It really didn't matter, because they have the same exact food so I was a happy camper. I had a chicken teriyaki bowl with salad and ginger dressing. It is the best ginger dressing ever made and you can't find anything like it.
Here I am enjoying my meal. I got the large size and actually had leftovers to bring with us. We got a cooler and packed it in (it was worth it). A big thanks to david for saving me his salad and ginger dressing. That's love for ya and the best birthday present.
Here is David standing at the real Nikkos showing his sad face that we couldn't eat there.
Check this yucky mess out. They are cleaning houses/apartments and getting ready for the new arrivals.
This is David's townhouse that he lived in throughout college when I knew him. They still look the same.
Here is a closer view of their door, where David spent many nights out on the front steps hanging out (his words not mine).
Here is my apartment building! They have spruced it up with some paint.
Ours was located on the top floor. I was tempted to go in, but we were short on time.
Check out these new housing options. I've never seen these and thought they were cool.
We then headed onto campus to go to the bookstore. The have redone most of the on campus dorms and everything looks so tall now. I felt so short!
Here I am walking out of the bookstore. We spent a good bit of money, but its for a good cause right!
We wanted to take a quick drive by of the bar area and wanted to give a shout out to the Fast & Easy. It's a convenient store, that's well, Fast & Easy.
Here is Rum Runners where we frequented to get some yummy frozen washing machine drinks (the ones that are in the wall and go around like a front load washing machine). Our overall opinion of the bar area was that it was REALLY run down, but I guess you don't notice at night after a few beverages!
We also drove by the place we met and you've heard me talk about.
The bland house!
Here is the side yard and exact spot we met. The yard looks a lot smaller than I remember!
We drove around all the buildings and through campus. Our final stop was the GSU entrance. We had a mini photo shoot in the middle of the road.
David's turn!
We set the camera on a timer in the middle of the road while cars were coming, it was interesting. The camera died after we took 1 shot. It was fully charged before we got to Statesboro and I went nuts. It was a fun detour and we hope to get to a game this year! Go Eagles!
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leah said...

Looks like so much fun. That Nikko express food looks amazing, we've got to take you to Hokaido our Japanese college place in Boone!

Mock family said...

I can't even begin to tell you how much fun this blog post was!! Let's also clarify, the fast and easy... fast and yes pretty easy.... supplied us with beer/wine galore- that's the key to this place :) I need to get to Statesboro QUICK, how fun was that!! I will agree on everything you said as well :)

Mock family said...



Ginny said...

Great trip down memory lane. Even I remember most of those spots. Good food, good people and good times!!

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