Monday, August 16, 2010

Tutti Frutti!

This weekend we tried to lay low since we've been so busy lately. We did go to Darrin and Stacey's to celebrate Ashley's new job and enjoyed margaritas Friday. We got new tires on my car saturday and ran a bunch of errands. Yesterday was a cleaning day and we went and got a yummy treat after dinner. Lacey at work has been talking about frozen yogurt for a week now and I have just been craving it so we went to Tutti Frutti. David had never been so it was fun. You grab a bowl, then you go to the wall of yogurt flavors and choose any combination. I chose peanut butter and swirl. David got one of everything, he liked pomegranate the best. After selecting your yogurt you move down to the toppings bar. They have everything from fresh fruit to fruity pebbles and yes david got those. The cost is .39 per ounce. We had about 1.5 lbs total. Here is our finished products!
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leah said...

YUM! Gosh now between you and Lacey talking about it I have GOT to go! Looks amazing!

Jen S said...

I expected to see more chocolate in David's. Looks yummy!

Mrs. Werginz said...

Found you on 20sb...I am in GA too and was married in April! Fun times! Are you loving being a newlywed? I am! Seeing your tutti frutti is making me crave some yoforia...that's our yogurt place in Vinings!!

Lacey said...

That looks AMAZING!!!!! It makes me want to go get some right now! :)

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