Thursday, August 12, 2010

Florida- Day 3!

Saturday morning we got up early to go hang out with Jessica, Jason and baby Alivia. We went to Hannah park so the boys could do a little surfing and the girls could hang out at the beach. I had the best time holding and playing with Alivia. She is adorable and always happy.
Driving through the park to the beach there is so many trees, its a really pretty scenic park. A lot of people ride their bikes and run in there. Shortly after we arrived David was trying to catch some waves and ended up running into someone and hitting his nose on his board.
Sorry about the closeup, I was taking a picture so I could show David what it looked like. I thought he had broken his nose. It looked a little swollen and crooked. He had to get out of the water for a bit, because blood and sharks don't mix well. After icing it for a little while, he was good to go and back in the water he went.
How adorable is she!
Here is David and Jason with their surf boards. They are both Jasons, he is so handy, he resurfaced the long board. 
Me and David with his new flippers he got while down there. Since he sold all of his diving gear he purchased a few essential items to have at home, you know for the pool and all.
Here's us gals doing what we do best, lounging in the sun. Even Alivia was enjoying herself.
Isn't her bathing suit cute, too?

David in action up on the surfboard.
I think he was wiping out on this one, but its still a cool photo with the waves.
This was Alivia's first time touching the water and the sand. Her reactions were really fun. We had such a fun time hanging out and having lunch with them at their house. Y'all are going to be great parents. Stay tuned to tomorrow's post on my birthday dinner with everyone.
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leah said...

her little bathing suit is so cute! So glad David didn't break his nose, ouch!

Jen S said...

Super cute baby! Glad you had a good time on your weekend so far. Looking forward to the food photos from your bday dinner!

Ginny said...

Alivia is the cutest little thing! I would live to babysit her, so I could just hold her. Looks like a very exciting weekend so far. David is always good for some excitment. He looks good on the waves.

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