Monday, August 9, 2010

We're back from our trip to Florida!

We just returned home last night from our long weekend trip to Jacksonville/St. Augustine Florida. We had a great time and I'll take the week to break it up into parts to show you. Since I'm still getting the photos organized I'll start with our fun dinner at La Napolera. If you've talked to my brother before, then you know he loves mexican and this is their favorite place to go. It is located just outside their neighborhood. We got there Thursday right at Dinner time so this was the perfect place to go.
The service was so fast. They had our drinks to the table in probably 30 seconds after we ordered, including my margarita.
If you ask my sister the only thing to order is a big beer, but I enjoyed my yummy frozen margarita.
Here is the rest of the gang- David, Chris and Marla.
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