Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Florida- Day 2!

We started the day running errands (stuff we didn't have time to do in GA) like going to walmart and target to exchange and buy things. We went to the town center after wards. It is an outdoor mall that had just opened when we were living there.  It has really change a lot! It was hard to show you pictures, but this is the overall feel of the place. It looks upscale and Miami-ish to me.
Later that night we went to an arena football game with Chris and Marla. The team is called the Jacksonville Sharks and it was a playoff game. As a promo they were giving away "blood towels". It was quite amusing to see all the differnt ways David and Chris could use the towels.
View from the arena. You can see the baseball field and the Jacksonville Jaguars stadium in the background. All venues had games going on that night.
Here we are before the game started with our Sharks gear.
Everyone in the arena waived their towels throughout the whole game. We had bar stool seats that were very cool, but some of our view was obstructed so we moved seats to be closer later in the game.
I don't think David let me take any photos of his blood towel poses, but I have a great one of my brother... Enjoy!
Somebody had a few too many beers :)
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leah said...

Looks like so much fun!

DudeMan135 said...

Hmmm...wonder who it was that had too many beers. :o)

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