Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Charming Charlies

This weekend they opened a Charming Charlie's store at my local mall. I have heard things about how they have jewelery sorted by color, but this store beyond exceeded my expectations! It was amazing!
Not only do they have earrings and necklaces but they have boots, bags, gifts, dresses, scarfs, anything you'd want to buy. Everything is reasonable priced too. The dresses were about $30, boots for $40, bags for $30-40, earrings for $7. I wandered around for about 30mins just in awe.
I am not an accessory person, but this store could make it easy for me to try to be! I recently received a gift card from work and I think I am going to spend it in here! This would make a fantastic gift for anyone.
They did a great job decorating the store, they had chandeliers over every display and it was so pretty. I didn't make David go in, we made a deal that I didn't have to go into any electronic stores if he didn't have to go in this store. If you haven't been to one and have one in your area, you need to go check it out!
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leah said...

very cool! There is so much to look at in there, I think I would spend hours!

Mock family said...

I LOVE it there!!! the best store!! I wish I would have gotten those shoes in San Antonio, too bad!! snooze ya lose

Ginny said...

Sounds like I need a trip to go shopping. We can all go in TX at Christmas!!

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