Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oktoberfest in Helen

 After our trip to Amicalola falls we ventured over to Helen.
 The leaves were changing all around us.

 The traffic was insane trying to get into the city limits. It took us over an hour to go almost 3 miles. All the buildings have the same style, even Wendy's and the huddle house.
I thought the whole month of October was Oktoberfest, but maybe it was just so nice out that everyone went down to celebrate.
 We ended up stopping at The Black Pearl, a dive bar that smelled like smoke everywhere! We parked outside the city limit, had a beer, used their restrooms and walked the rest of the way to all the action.
 People were gathered all along the roads and into the restaurants.
 Here is a good shot of all the cars and people walking the streets.
 There were designated areas where you could drink your beers and hang out.
 On the way to the beer tent area we stopped off for some posed photos.
 Chris and Marla posed too.
It felt like a big college party with everyone just hanging out and drinking beer (minus the keg party beer pricing).  I would like to come back when its less crowded to check out all the cool restaurants it looked like they had. It was fun to participate in Oktoberfest for a little bit. Definitely a must see if you've never been.
On the way home we stopped off at David's sister Gina's house for Ian's 5th birthday party. Here is Ian blowing out the candles while everyone sang Happy Birthday to him. It was such a long, fun day! Pin It


leah said...

So much fun, we've never been there before might have to try it out sometime!

DudeMan135 said...

I wanna go back and have some more big beers! Looks like fun and it was. Minus sitting in traffic, but maybe the anticipation made it that much better. It was cool that we didn't know what to expect and it was better than we thought!

Mock family said...

fun times!! now go to Germany for REAL Oktoberfest!

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