Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Uncle Schucks Corn Maze

On friday after our company meeting our department headed out for a fun team building activity. We went to Uncle Schucks Corn maze in Dawsonville. They had 2 different mazes (1 easy and 1 hard). It took us probably an hour and a half to get through both. I learned that I can follow a map pretty well. It was also easier because it was during the day. The only other corn maze I have been to was at night and the object was just to get out. This one had a bunch of different check points that you had to get to.
Here we are in front of the banner. Me, Lacey, Leah and Donna. 
This is what the path looks like from the look out bridge. They have a couple of these to try to help you figure out where your going.
 Here we are taking a little break. It was so windy that day, but the corn blocked the wind so it got so hot.
 Another activity while you are finding the checkpoints was this FSI, Farm Scene Investigation, where you had to see who committed the crime. So here we are acting surprised that we found out who it was. Love the faces.
 Lots of corn!
 Not only did we do the maze, we participated in all the activities which included posing for photos with all the signage,
Taking hayrides through the corn,
Watching the goats on this very odd apparatus,
 And looking at all the fun pumpkins
 Look at how gorgeous it was outside all day! We had such a fun time! Thanks to Leah and Lacey for all their photos.
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leah said...

I had so much fun!! And I'll go through a maze with you ANY DAY-- that was fun navigating together!

the girl in the red shoes said...

So fun! I always panic that I'll get lost in the maze...glad you were a good naviagtor!

Mock family said...

I really want to go to one!

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