Monday, October 25, 2010

David's New Truck

One of the perks of Davids new job is that he gets a nice new truck to drive with a gas card! He just got it and it matches our family vehicles perfectly, because it's silver. My suv is silver and Davids F-150 truck is silver so this new truck matches well. Of course its not all fun and games, since a truck means travel. We are just thankful that they are compensating him for drive time, new truck and a gas card. It's nice to be appreciated.
Here she is!
I think David named her the Silver Fox.
I love how it has 4 doors and a roomy interior. We also had a great fun filled weekend with Chris and Marla so I'm getting those photos and posts ready for you, so stay tuned!
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Betty said...

Congrats on the new truck!
(And I couldn't help but notice your neighborhood in the back...looks very similar to my brother's old neighborhood in Alpharetta!)

Mock family said...

love the truck! let's have david and james race :) wait is that a v8?

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