Thursday, October 28, 2010

Taste of Atlanta 2010

This past Sunday was Taste of Atlanta. I have never been before, but was so glad we decided to go. I found discount tickets for $18 (normally $30) each for 15 food tickets.
Every booth you went to had a sign that said what foods they had and how many tickets it would take to get it. It was only between 1-3 tickets for everything.
Every booth had such great presentation even though it was a small booth and outside.
For 3 tickets we also got huge bbq sandwiches, ribs and riblets.
Amber and Bob came down with us to enjoy the festivities. As you can tell Amber was enjoying her food already (sorry I had to put the pic up, its the only one I had of you two).
Here is more sampling of everything I/we ate. Sun dried tomato bow tie pasta, yogurt dessert, chicken and waffles, fried pickles, pizza and butternut squash ravioli.
My favorite part of the day was when we found out that Robert Mondavi booth was having a wine tasting and it was FREE! So we hopped in line and although we didn't make it in the demonstration we still got to taste as much wine as we wanted.
 Here are the manly men drinking their wine.
 We had so much fun, I think we got in line at least 4-5 times.
 The guy on the left was my favorite bartender as he'd fill my glass almost halfway each time I had a tasting. I would definitely recommend going to taste of Atlanta if you've never been. We plan on going again!
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Lacey said...

This looks like so much fun!! I want to go next time they have a Taste of Atlanta! All of that food you tried looked delicious and a free wine tasting is awesome!

leah said...

Dang you tried way more food than we did last time-- I'm so jealous! Figo AND Melting Pot... don't tease me!

Mock family said...

Tell me when it's happening again so I can be there, how fun!

Ginny said...

Looks like a terrific time! Let me know so I can go next time.

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