Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Goodwill Shopping Finds

This past weekend David and I stopped in at Goodwill to look for spare parts on a video camera stand. I found a couple goods finds while I was in there.  I've been wanting to make a menu board for our kitchen similar to this one. So as we were leaving I spotted this beauty.
For only $6 I am going to make this into my menu board. It even has chalk holders and a place to hang keys and what not! I love it!! I just need to get some vinyl letters and maybe touch up the paint. What do you think?
I also found these bright, fun place mats. It's never too early to celebrate America is it? These were only $4 for 6. I'm excited for these. You always have to be thinking ahead to get some good deals. I think they will add to my 4th of July decor! Pin It


Lacey said...

I love the chalkboard menu board! That's awesome!

leah said...

so cute, can't wait to see your menu board once you are done!

the girl in the red shoes said...

Love the chalkboard! What a great find!

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