Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gazelle Intense Weekend!

We had a great weekend full of seeing friends and of course the Dave Ramsey Live Event. We got there a little early to get good seats, since it was first come, first sit. The lines were nuts.
There were people of all ages that came to this event. 7,000 people in total!
We got pretty great seats in the middle. The floor level was for VIP, and I usually can't see over peoples heads anyway so I was fine where we were.
Here's Dave! The event was from 1pm-6pm, so it was quite a long time, but he is such an entertainer it didn't feel that long. Plus, they gave us 2 breaks. I had heard everything he was saying before since I have read his books and listen to his radio show all the time, but it was still a good motivator and it never gets old. There were people in the arena that had paid off over $700,000 in debt (including mortgages), isn't that crazy! David really enjoyed watching him live. He was aware of his principles, but learned a lot and wished he had brought his whole family with us.
Here is us when we got home. They gave us free t-shirts and a workbook when we arrived at the arena. They say Dave Ramsey Says: Sell Some Stuff. My David is holding scissors pretending to cut a credit card (its really a hotel rewards card). Needless to say we are back on track with Gazelle intensity!
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leah said...

That's so awesome!! I can't believe some people there had paid off $700,000 worth of debt... now that's some motivation!

Lacey said...

I'm so glad you got to see Dave Ramsey, how cool!! And that last picture of you guys in the t-shirts and david cutting the "credit card" made me smile! :) Glad you had such a great time!

David said...

I really did have a great time, I wish we could have brought more people. It was well worth my time.

Mock family said...

can't wait for you to join the "cool kids club" debt free is the way to be!! and that picture is HILARIOUS!!

SnoWhite said...

Very neat that you were able to see Dave live!! My husband and I took the FPU course during our first year of marriage -- it helped us get started on the right foot!

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