Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Sunday Celebration

This Sunday we went over to Gina (sister-in-law) and Mark's house for a Warchol family Easter and Birthday celebration. The dinner table(s) were set with spring designed plates, colorful cups and napkins, and beautiful flowers.
Here is a picture of the Easter eggs David and I dyed that I will post about soon. They came out great, for the most part and were very easy to do! We'll be doing this from now on.
Before dinner we went outside to hide Easter eggs for the kids. I hid Annslee's, she found most all of them right away. Of course the older boys (David included) hid Jake's eggs in places that he was never going to find them. It was such a beautiful day to sit around one of Gina's many outside decks. I should have taken pictures of how nice her backyard and decks look. Next time!
Dinner was very good and we had all the fixings of an Easter Meal. The honey baked ham was my favorite!  Here is a group shot (David was taking the photo). I think we are missing some kids and Mary was sick so her and Kaleb didn't make it to the celebration. In total we would have been about 20-21 people, just for immediate family!
 After dinner it was time for the birthday singing to begin. David's mom made a delicious homemade cookie cake.

Here are the enthusiastic birthday boys. Atleast David looks a little happy about the whole thing.
 I have a few more posts that I am working on from the weekend including step by step instructions for those Easter eggs we dyed, David's birthday goodies I made and garden planning. Last night we officially planted the seeds in the vegetable garden!!
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leah said...

What a fun day, and a HUGE group! Happy Birthday David!

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