Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Square Foot Garden- Update #2

This week has been so exciting for the garden! We have enjoyed coming home from work every day and taking my garden chart and looking to see what new things have sprouted. These have seemed to all grow over night! You have no idea how excited I am. Things are really growing! I will have to thin these plants out. I am not really sure how to do this, but I have heard people say it because you only need one sprout per hole. You add about 3 seeds per hole to make sure something grows and mine have all grown it seems. If you know the proper way to do this, please let me know, I'll have to do some research.
These are the yellow squash! These look the most impressive. My zucchini and cucumber sprouts are looking about the same. I am already thinking up some great summer recipes to use all these in. 
Here are my onions! We have some over-achievers that are getting so tall! 
This is a shot of the whole garden. Overall everything has started to grow except the peppers (2 different kinds) and the strawberries. 
I just wanted to give a little shout out to my beloved cilantro. This one has 4 different plants starting to grow, it was a slow start, but they are on their way.
These are the little tomatoes! 
While I was outside I decided to show you our beautiful knock-out roses that started to bloom this week also. Our greenery is just taking off and looks so nice this year. These are a bit crazy, but they are too pretty to cut back so I think we will let them go nuts!
I have no idea what these are, but they are in the back corner of our yard and are very pretty and pink right now. I love the spring time! If you have any garden tips, let me know! I will take all the help I can get. I will do weekly updates on the garden (unless nothing exciting happens). 
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leah said...

JEN! I'm so excited about your garden... I can't believe how much stuff is growing. The yellow squash is unbelievable. Can't wait to see your little strawberries pop up!

Lacey said...

WHOA! You have a lot growing already! That's awesome!!

Jen S said...

That is great! Can't wait to see the recipes you come up with to use the veggies :)

Marla said...

Wow!! That's great! It is growing so fast...

David said...

 I really dont understand how to split the sprouts up.If I do it wrong and kill Jens plant there will be no more comments on Jens blog from me because I will be dead. So any help with this would be great.

Mock family said...

ask martha stuart?

David said...

I did, she told me to call Jen.

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