Thursday, April 29, 2010

Top Three Thursday- Bucket List

This week we are talking about the top 3 items on our bucket list. I am going to do a combo with some of David's and mine. Until this week, I really haven't thought about mine. I need to sit down and write some out. As soon as David and I were talking about his, a few of mine came to me. I'll share some of my sister's too, I thought she was funny.
1.) Live in a Foreign Country for an extended period of time (1-2 years) with our family including kids. This one is David's. While he was working in Dubai for 4 months a few years ago he met Karl and his family. They lived in an apartment over looking the beach. They had a young son and got to travel all over, they even had a nanny/maid/cook that was live-in. I'm sure that is what sold David on the situation.
2.) Go on a Mission Trip (David)- He wants to travel (are you seeing a pattern here) and work on building houses for people who are in need. He is so handy that this would be very rewarding and beneficial.
3.) Become Debt Free- Including the house! This one is mine. If you couldn't already tell, we are on the Dave Ramsey plan. If you aren't familiar with his ideas, you use baby steps (just like the movie) to 1. Get a baby emergency fund, 2. Pay off all debt, not including house (cars and student loans included), 3. Get 6-8 months expenses saved up, etc.. I really want to be able to pay off everything including the house so one day we can "live like no one else!" 

Here are some of our other Bucket List items:
-Buy a beach house in the Caribbean (in cash)
-Be our own boss
-Visit every continent
-Own rental property/Fix up houses and sell them

My sister wants to meet Oprah or Ellen and participate in one of those trapeze circus places where you wear the harnesses! Shes silly.
What are your top three items on your bucket list? Pin It


leah said...

These were all SO interesting to me. David, Kyle is the exact same way ... he would love to do a mission trip and help build houses.

And if you guys start flipping houses, you know we are in :)

Jen S said...

I have an idea... ya'll can travel to Colorado and David can fix up minor cosmetic stuff around my new house. While the boys do that you and I can go to a cooking class!

Jen said...

Haha! Sounds perfect for me!

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