Monday, April 26, 2010

Steeplechase 2010!

We had the best time at Steeplechase. If you didn't go outside on Saturday in Georgia, then you missed out on a thunderstormy, muddy day! We were going to make the most out of it though. We were invited by Darrin and Stacey, who were doing it as a birthday celebration for Stacey (Happy Early Birthday Tuesday!). We also went with Gina, Mark, Courtney and David.
Stacey did a great job decorating and now that we know there is a competition for theme's and decorations, it's on for next year! We had so much great food! There was fruit, veges, meat trays, chicken salad sandwiches, pasta salad, fondue and delicious desserts galore! 
Here are some couple shots. I apologize for putting this photo up David, but we all sympathize with your wet hair and shirt.
 This is David's sister Gina and her husband Mark. She had fun enjoying the muddy adventures of our day.
 Darrin & Stacey
So you saw what we all looked like posing for our photos, this is what we really looked like. Not as glamorous huh?  A lot of people that had front row spots left early so we got a great view of the events. We even had front row spots watching girls fall in the mud piles on their way to the bathrooms. They weren't too happy about that.
 Here are the horses racing by us! We heard that the ATL housewives were somewhere around and I would have went to find them except, well you get the point by now.
The guys pants just got ruined. This is Darrin embracing the muddy path. They were such troopers, setting up and making sure that we stayed dry.
Here is David's nice attire! I know I showed you lots of the dirty side of the day, but we had a blast. It was so fun sitting, eating, drinking and chatting with everyone. Such great company and we can't wait to go again! Pin It


leah said...

I really hope you guys get some good weather next year... you all looked SO CUTE though!!

Jen S said...

What table themes were there this year? You will totally take the cake next year!

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