Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wedding in Athens

Friday night we went to a wedding in Athens, GA. This was for David's friend Colin and Anne. David met Colin a few years back when he started with his company that he is currently working for. Colin now works somewhere else, but they have remained friends. The ceremony was held at the day chapel in the botanical gardens. We didn't venture too much into the gardens so I didn't see many flowers, but the chapel was beautiful. I am a details person at weddings, so I will show you some of the details she incorporated. I did notice that she didn't have any official wedding favors (I guess you can count the candy), but it's the nature of my work that favors are a must at every event!  Her colors were a soft blue and a chocolate/copper brown. These were the programs.

The wood work inside the chapel was amazing.

Here is the bride and groom being announced as husband and wife!

Here is the wedding cake. I have never seen a cake like this, I think they had a chocolate base underneath and a fondant layer over it with a design cut out.

Here is a centerpiece.
Candy Bar
Here is a picture of me and David.
This is a picture of the me, the bride, and Meg (we met her at their stock the bar shower, so we sat a table with them). I loved Anne's dress. It had a lot of gorgeous details and was an ivory color. It was beautiful. One thing I kept saying was, I'm glad to get to go to a wedding, but am also glad ours is over. It is just so much planning and now we can just enjoy being married. Congratulations Colin and Anne. They are leaving for their honeymoon to France soon!
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leah said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. You are some dedicated friends doing that after Molly had surgery! Love your dress Jen! Thanks for all the detail shots, that's what I like to see at weddings too!

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