Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Weekend Meals

Well this weekend I'm sure we will do a lot of eating since it is David's birthday weekend and Easter is on Sunday. I wanted to share some websites (which you've heard me talk about all the time) where I got my inspiration for what I am bringing for Easter dinner.
This is what the menu is looking like so far, there is still a few people who haven't responded so the list will grow:

Honey Baked Ham
Yeast rolls
Veggie Tray
Pretzels & Dip
Fruit Tray
Shrimp & sauce
Green Bean Casserole
(we're bringing)
Roasted Carrots & Asparagus (we're bringing)

Green salad/spinach salad (we're bringing-I'll make some variation of this)
Mashed Potatoes
Birthday cake

Click here for more Easter meal ideas.  Click here for ideas for side items. I think I will also make this carrot cake for David's birthday (minus a few pieces without that cream cheese frosting for me).
If I have time tomorrow I am also going to make these Easter Eggs. My mom has already tried it and says that it was pretty easy!
Happy Easter!
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Lacey said...

Sounds amazing!! I hope you have a Happy Easter!

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