Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Green with envy!

Here is little molly, I caught her with her tongue out! We were enjoying the weather this past weekend and she was cooling off in the shade. An update on Miss. Molly: She had her staples out yesterday (she took a few out herself, I guess she thought she would help the doctor out). Shes too active for her own good. Shes running and jumping probably more than she should, but still nurses it by using 3 legs to hop around. We still have to wait about 2 more weeks before we let her jump on the bed etc...

I also wanted to dedicate a portion of this post to my sister's brand new washer and dryer. When you see them you will agree that they deserve a shout-out. Yes, they might have been a stretch budget wise, but aren't they gorgeous? They are front loaders with chrome accents. They even have a steamer built in. I am not a laundry fan, but I think I might do my laundry more often if I had these. These are especially good for Michelle with James traveling for work, they will be reliable and under warranty for her. Her dryer has broken twice in the past few months and her neighbors dryer also went out. So if you need to do some laundry head on over to Texas!
As you can see from the photo below, it was a tight fit or as I like to say, a perfect fit!
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David said...

If those will get you to fold the clothes, I'll go pick up a pair now.

leah said...

Oh David be careful with what you say!! Michelle those are some pretty nice washers and dryers!

So glad that Miss Molly is healing so well! I love watching her on your phone :)

Jen S said...

Happy to hear Miss. Molly is on the road to recovery! And Michelle- the laundry sign in the laundry room is too cute. The new appliances are definitely worth the shout-out!

Mock family said...

I have done a lot of laundry and I look forward to it when I'm at work, I am THAT uncool, wonder how long the hype will keep up :)

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