Thursday, April 15, 2010

Top Three Thursday- Favorite Restaurants of All Time

This week's post is already making me hungry. It is top favorite restaurants of all time! I know some of you won't know about most of these, but if you've had the privilege of going then you know what I'm talking about.

1.) Nikko's Japanese Steakhouse- (Statesboro, GA). They still don't have a website, but if you are ever in south Georgia you need to go. We used to frequent there once or twice a week when we were in college. Good ole' Georgia Southern (Go Eagles!). I compare every ginger salad dressing and teriyaki sauce to theirs. We used to buy it in cups and take it back with us.

2.) El Sombrero Mexican- (Statesboro, GA) Not only did El Som provide lots of entertainment and strawberry daquiri's, but it was the best food ever. They have them in a few locations in Atlanta, but the food just isn't the same.
3.) Fontana's Italian Restaurant (Jacksonville, FL), Antoneta Biba's Italian (Buford, GA), & Maggiano's

These basically make up my favorite foods. I did leave off some close backups (Bill Grays-NY, Wegmans Subs-NY, Colombini's Pizza-Chili, NY) What are your top 3 restaurants of all time? I guarantee I know what restaurant my brother and sister in law will vote as their number 1 (You prob. do too if you are their facebook friend). I know one thing we are going to need to plan this year... A trip back down to Georgia Southern. I haven't been back since Michelle's graduation in 2006.

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DudeMan135 said...

This is tough...cause it could be for the food, could be for the atmosphere, etc. Sombrero was best in Statesboro by far, but here's my list...

1. La Nopalera (Jax) - No question
2. Pontillos Pizza/Bill Grays (Rochester)
3. Clark's Fish Camp (Jax)
4. Maggiano's / Fontanas (Jax)

1. Caps on the Water (St Aug)

Marla said...

I agree....Nikkos was yummy! :)

My top 3 are:

#1- La Nopalera
#2- Caps on the water
#3- Bocci Pizza (in Buffalo, wow I miss great pizza!!)

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