Thursday, April 8, 2010

Top Three Thursday- Fears

This week's top 3 is on our biggest fears. I have a lot of small/med. fears, but these are the most prominent ones.
1.)Bugs (bees, spiders, roaches, etc..)- If they would just mind their own business and stay outside we wouldn't have a problem. If the bees would just hang out by the flowers and not want to buzz and attack me, we might be friends or at least tolerable acquaintances. Spiders, have you not heard my spider story yet? Here is the quick run down. Last year, or the year before that David was traveling a lot for work and one day I came in the kitchen and saw a BIG spider. It looked like a big wood spider ( I was going to put a photo, but I just can't do it, yuck). Well I called my mom for motivation to kill it. So, I grabbed a fly swatter so I could be at a good arms length away when smacking. Well I smacked it good and ran away screaming like usual. So I was freaking out and a little bit later my mom said you should just go make sure that you really did kill it. I go back in the kitchen and see what I think are tiny little ants everywhere!! WELL they were not ants at all, they were BABY SPIDERS. IT WAS A PREGNANT SPIDER AND IT LET ALL THE BABIES OUT. It was disgusting. I got wasp spray or whatever I could find to spray and smack them with. It was traumatizing to say the least. We now have a nice relationship with the pest guy, he brought special spider juice to protect the premises.
2.) Home Invasions- I have a fear of our house being broken into when I am in it. I think I watch too many movies, "Taken" rings a bell for this one. I just wish people would find other things to do besides break in and take things or hurt people. Not nice, it can be a scary world out there.

3.) Heights & Stairs with holes- This one you probably will find kinda funny. I was a cheerleader and on top of all the pyramids, thrown high-up in the air so it's hard to believe that I am afraid of heights. It's really only in certain situations. I can not go near the edge at malls on the second floor. I have to walk FAR away from the edges. I don't know if its the clear glass they use, but it's pretty much anywhere. I also have a fear of flights of steps that don't have
backs on them. It's fine if it's only a few steps, but I am really referring to is Seabreeze & Darien Lake (NY peeps know what's up). They have tube water rides where you have to carry your own huge tube up flights and flights of stairs. Well they have holes in the stairs and you can look through or down. Not to mention people are bumping you all over with their tube. Not a good experience, I don't go on water rides anymore.

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leah said...

haha you are so funny! I have seen your fear of bees..I still say it's your hair that they love because they really do pick you out of the crowd.

And I'm TOTALLY with you on the home invasion thing. Taken was like the scariest movie ever to me.

Mock family said...

haha I agree with them all!

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