Monday, September 13, 2010

Seneca Lake Wine Tours

While we were in NY we decided to go on some wine tours on Seneca lake. Seneca lake is one of the finger lakes that we have about an hour from Rochester. We choose this lake because of number of wineries they have. I am not exaggerating when I say there are A LOT. Check out this map.
Don't all the lakes look like fingers. There are over 40 wineries on Seneca Lake, I stopped counting. We went to 6 different places, the first one we stopped at was 3 brothers winery and brewery. They had 4 diff. places where you could try samplings. For about $1-3 you can get anywhere from 6-8 tastings at all these places. Isn't that incredible? I was happy to go to my north Georgia vineyards and pay $10 for 4 tastings. Can we say ripoff?!
 Check out these views. This is what you saw from most every winery.
 Chris and Tim got thirsty and helped themselves to some beer out of the tap. This was taken from 3 brothers. This place had a diff. theme for each tasting buliding. The first was a barn with a huge tasting bar that was in a square around the servers in the middle, then you go to the brewery, then they have a nicer newer building with tables and views outside, but my favorite of the 4 was this pirate type dive bar tasting room.
They kept with the theme with these funny wine names. 
My favorite views of the lake came from Wagner.
If it was warmer out it would have been great to sit for a while and enjoy.
Here's a photo of my brother and sister in law with my brothers friend from college and his wife. 
Our next stop was Penguin Bay Winery. I love their sign and this is on all their wine labels. I really liked the taste of the wines here. They even had a bunch of champagnes you can try.
Here we are posing by the grapes and getting the nice view. 
Here is my mom and dad holding the grapes. I'll have you know, my dad did try a grape and said they were good. I'm not sure you're suppose to do that, but he did!
Close up view of the grapes.
Here is a view from the bottom point of the lake that Marla stopped and got for us. While they were stopping for photos here is what we were doing.
Yup, that's David crossing traffic to get a tasty treat.
He stopped at this house/small bakery and got cannoli's! I don't like them, but everyone thoroughly enjoyed them. I got fried pickles earlier at 3 brothers. Mmmm
The wineries came in all different styles. This one was in an old barn.
Look at this cool wine bottle Christmas tree. Everyone start saving your bottles.
The last stop was Belhurst Castle and Winery. There was a wedding going on so we got to see the bride and groom taking photos. This ends our winery tour. It was a lot of fun and if you are up in the area, check it out! Pin It


leah said...

very very cool. All those views are gorgeous and that Christmas tree is awesome!

Lacey said...

The Wine Tours looked like so much fun!! I love all of your pictures from the trip!

Mock family said...

wow that is a LOT of wineries, WHO KNEW! Dad is JUST Like grandma STEALING GRAPES!! how funny

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