Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Colette is 2 Months Old

We have a big 2 month girl on our hands! She recently found her hand and loves sticking it in her mouth. She is more like 2.5 months so some of this might be a little ahead of what she was doing at exactly 2 months.
Official 2 month stats
Weight: 12 lbs 6.5 ounces (79%)
Height: 23 1/4" (73%)
Head Circumference: 15 1/2" (59%)
Personality- Colette is a very sweet girl. She started smiling a lot. She has even giggled but that is really for next month's post since this one is so late. She really only cries when she is tired or wants you to move her to a new position. She can easily be consoled. Night and day from her younger brother! 
She loves her bath time and moves her little (ok, not so little) legs like a froggy. We are doing a bath most all nights to keep to a routine. 
Sleeping- We are following the moms on call schedule and it's working pretty well.
Up and feeding between 6-7am (it's usually closer to the 6am hour).
She plays and giggles for a little bit and is napping in her swing around 7:30ish.
Other daytime feedings at 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 5:30pm.
8/8:15pm: Bath time and last feeding.
Middle of the night feedings do vary. She was very consistent for a little while then switches it up. On a bad night she's up at 12:30am then 3/4am (then up for the day around 6/7am). On a great night she is up between 2am/3am and then the morning feeding. 
I put her to bed in her crib at night and then bring her to my room to feed for middle night feeding and put her in the bassinet cuddler. She goes back down pretty easily after feeding. I just swaddle her back up, burp/pat her on the back and I can put her in with out much fuss.  I do try to stretch her out if she wakes up in the 12-1am hours by giving her pacci and jiggling her. 

During the day she has awake time after feedings and is up for about an hour-hour and a half then naps in her swing mostly or when we are on the go. She's a pretty good car seat napper. She likes the car ok. If I put her in right after a feeding and we miss awake time then she gets mad, but if she's ready to sleep out she goes.   
She loves watching Max play and he likes to join for activity mat time.
He is very patient with her, but loves to kiss her all the time. It's very sweet, but we do have to remind him to be gentle. 
Hi pretty face. Her eyes are darkening we think. They still have a dark blue ring on the outside and then green/light brown in the inside. Who knows maybe her brown eyed parents made a green eyed baby to go with the blue eyed baby. 
Eating: She is a very good eater (as you can tell). She has so many rolls that I could have never imagined. I feel very accomplished in the breast feeding area. It was such hard work and a struggle last go around so this is such a blessing. We are enjoying our time together. She takes a bottle pretty well, it takes her a while to eat it, but she will. It's back to work in a few weeks (after labor day).
She is wearing size 0-3 month clothing.
Size 1 in honest company diapers and most others
She really started "talking" at 6 weeks. She coos very well.
She is still very gassy. I did try a probiotic for 3-4 weeks and I thought it might be working, but in the end it really didn't do much. I started using mommy's bliss gripe water and most nights it works fantastic. I give it to her before the 8:30pm feeding and then again at the 2-3am feeding. I can usually bypass the 4am gas session (she's so loud and not happy) by doing this (not always but most times).
I started pumping at 4-5 weeks and am building up my freezer stash. I pump at night around 10pm (like an extra feeding) and then after the morning feeding around 7am. I did this for 4 weeks solid and am not doing night anymore. It really was a bit commitment and I was tired so I dropped that and try to do most mornings unless it was a rough go that night and I'll choose to nap.
Speaking of that, I morning nap every day thanks to my mom (shout out to the best Gigi ever). You can find me napping from 7:30am-9am most mornings. Not sure how I am going to adjust when it's work time, might just have to be late!
She is the perfect addition to our family and we are so glad she is here! I am enjoying this so much better this go around as most of my friends have told me I would. Maybe it's the experience, the easier baby or just a more relaxed attitude, but we'll take it! Don't grow too quickly, Colette! Pin It

Monday, August 11, 2014

Colette's Nursery

I finally got around to taking the photos of Colette's room. With a lot of help from family the nursery was complete before Colette's arrival. My inspiration came from a pinterest find from simply pchee.  I knew I wanted lavender, beige and a lot of molding. The room centered on her monogram.
Welcome to Colette's room! View from the door.
David did such a great job with all the chair rail, boxes and crown molding. Big shout out to my mom, Karen, Bill and David's parents for all their painting help. Paint colors are Porter Paints Dusty Lilac and Wheat Sheaf.
Curtains are lavender gingham blackout from pottery barn kids. A perfect craigslist find (got them half off retail!).
We used the same nursery glider from Max's old room. The dresser and crib were from babies r us. Most all wall decor came from queen of hearts antique store, an estate sale or At Home.
The wooden monogram I had done and painted antique white from mint julep (online store). The side frame decor is from At Home.
Close up of gingham. 
I mentioned before my neighbor gave us all the bedding and such. She also gave us these sheer curtains which match perfectly. We installed another curtain rod for it.
David put together this custom closet from ikea pieces. We also painted the closet wall purple. 
Love how it turned out. 

Hope you liked the tour! 
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