Monday, February 15, 2016

GSU & Hilton Head Beach Trip 2015

This summer we decided to take a little trip to the beach with David's hotel points. I realize it's the middle of winter so I thought this post would be perfect now. I believe this was in August or end of July. We went to Hilton Head, SC with a quick stop in Statesboro (GSU!).
Our very first spot was lunch at an old favorite. Nikkos!! No, it's not the same... but it will do. 
There ya have it. The ginger salad dressing deserves a photo of it's own. 
Chicken Teriaki with fried rice and veggies. 
We then went to the book store to get a few football season essentials. Look how small Coco was!!
We look warm! 
New gear and he looks pregnant lol. 
Unsuccessful family selfie.
Of course dinner had to be here!
My drink was too weak (don't they know me there by now) so he brought an extra shot so I took it of course (I think I put some in my drink, too).
After dinner it was still light enough (think summer) so we went touring the campus. It's all changed so much.
We went to the business building first and I was so surprised the door to the buildings were open AND the classrooms. I mean no one was in there! Maybe a few professors?
I can't get over how small she was!! 
Next we headed to the engineering building to see David's old stomping grounds. 
Next up-Hilton Head. We spent the night in Statesboro and then to the beach. 
My sandy baby! 
Coco was very hesitant to come off the towel. I figured it out that she was more brave with shoes on. Max was at the perfect beach age. He loved everything about it.
Max took a late car snooze after not napping and was being cute on daddy. We had some great dinners, but this was just the start of Coco not behaving at restaurants. Luckily we ate outdoors/patios so not a big deal. Since we were at a hotel we needed to find lunches out too. We found an awesome Kroger right down the street. David and I got subs every day and got the kids a salad bar type deal. Filled it with fruit, cheese and lunch meat and was way cheaper than getting all of it separately and eating at the hotel. 
She enjoyed sitting under the sportsbrella we bought on a chair of course. 
Max was very busy playing in the sand.  We rotated between sand and pool. Since Coco was still napping twice a day we did one in the morning then broke for naps/lunch then back to the other then back up for afternoon naps/dinner. 
He even went in the ocean by himself! 
Dinner time! 
Don't let this pic fool you! He was TERRIFIED of that frog haha. He turned brave though. 
I forget the full story behind this photo, but we had a second umbrella set up and I look over to see David taking a selfie of himself with his beer and I'm like try that pic again, but show the full picture of what is happening. I have the kiddos and he is on his separate vacation apparently!
We received this lovely wine/cheese/fruit tray for some reason. No clue anymore, but I'm sure David smoozed someone at the front desk. We had a great time on our little vacay. I think we only did 4-5 days total, but with 2 kiddos it was enough time. Now I'm dreaming of warm weather and summer! Pin It

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Colette is 18 Months Old

Hello there!! I know it's been a while! I have A LOT of catching up to do. First I will start with our baby girl who turned 18 months in December. She deserves her own update as she is growing WAY TOO FAST. 
Of course I had to empty out my phone pics so I don't have this right now. She was around 25% for weight and 40% height I think.
Can you believe how big she is and her hair is so long! 
New Developments- She is quite the talker. She started talking words I want to say just before 18 months. There really is no words she can't say if she wants something. She communicates so well and fully understands everything you say. I wrote down her words she can say back when she was a little over 18 months. In no particular order: socks, Molly, Max (she says it so cute- sounds like Mass), Hadley, Gigi, Nana (banana), bug, draw, apple, paper, more, bye, no, pull, hat, fish, boot, baby, nose, eyes, mouth, play, hair, pacci.
She loves playing with her cousin and Max. She has a bit of a sharing issue though. And man is she a tantrum thrower if she doesn't get her way. We have to fully utilize the time outs as she understands them and needs them. 
One of her favorite activities is to draw. Mostly with things she shouldn't have like highlighters, pens and markers. She has always favored her left hand and it hasn't changed. She is definitely our little lefty. Cousin Karen is very pleased.
Eating- She is definitely a snacker. She would eat crackers all day if we let her. Her favorite foods are cheerios/cereal, fruit (bananas, apples, berries), noodles, cheese and pizza. She is not a huge meat eater which is not good because she really doesn't eat a whole lot of good things for her. She will eat green beans and peas for veggies easily. 
Sleeping- She has finally went to 1 nap a day. She was teetering between 1 and 2 for a while. Some days she just needed 2 and then she started only morning nap and wouldn't nap in the afternoon so we had to push the nap time later and later each day. Problem is when she goes with Gigi to pick Max up from school at 1:20pm. She usually falls asleep in the driveway on the way to get him lol. So she goes in as soon as they get home for her afternoon nap. She will usually sleep 2 hours. She goes to bed at night around 8pm. She is still LOVING her sleep sack. I can't believe I didn't take a pic with her in it as she is always carrying it around. 
Since I'm not on time with the update this will span into the 19 month. Between a little before christmas and the whole month of January I think we were at the doctors probably 1-3 times a week. Rotating with children of course. I swear, having kids is not for the weak. Monday, January 4th Coco woke up with a little fever. Nothing crazy maybe 100-101. I gave her tylenol and went to work. Around lunch time or after nap I can't remember mom said she tried to give more medicine but she wouldn't take much. Around 3:30pm she was up from nap and hanging with Gigi when she started to have a febrile seizure. I rushed home (so thankful to be working 5 mins from the house-more on that later). I called 911 who didn't answer... seriously. I called Michelle who was on her way over and she kept calling for me. When I got home the seizure was over and she was laying on my mom not really responsive. She was very limp and pale in color. When I held her she just cried and whined for mommy and daddy even though I was right there. It was very pitiful.
I just wanted the paramedic crew to check her out to make sure it was ok for us to transport her down to CHOA. We sped down there during rush hour traffic and got her checked out. They basically confirmed the febrile seizure. They said it happened because of a sudden spike in temperature. Basically nothing you can do to prevent it and some children get it. Even if you had been consistent on giving the fever reducing meds something triggers in your body/brain that the fever had a sudden rapid rise in temperature and her body can't handle it so it starts to seize. I also had one around the same exact age so my mom knew exactly what it was. I'm glad it was her not me to experience it! Colette's only lasted 3-4 mins where mine lasted in the 15-20 min range. The doctor did say if someone in family had had one before that they are more likely to have one. It was scary and she was fine by the time we got there. No more fever and it never came back! Not that night, not the day after, nothing. She wasn't even sick! Except for the fever. 

Personality- She is quite the little diva. Very independent and very sassy. She can also be sweet as can be. Her hugs and kisses go on for days! 
She loves to have her picture taken and says Cheeeeeeesee all the time. 
She can't get enough of baby dolls thanks to cousin Hadley. 
Since she turned 18 months right before Christmas this is our official it was hot in GA that day Christmas pic. 
Pretty dress and cousin time. 
Auntie got her rubber bands and put cute multi pig tails in since her hair is growing from the top, bottom and sides all over! 
She loves reading and playing in brother's room. Has to read the books herself, I mean how dare you want to read her a book. 
She is wearing size 24 month clothes and growing like a weed! 

Haha. Going to end on this photo... Pink eye... Told you it was a month of sickness. Max had it a few weeks before she did. During this time we also had the cough/runny nose starting before Christmas and coming off and on. Also, during a healthy Coco week Max came down with the stomach throwing up bug so COME ON SPRING! Here's to a healthy February and more blog updates soon. 
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