Tuesday, January 31, 2012

test-blog not updating

I'm having issues with my blog updating for people to see, so I am putting this up as a test. I did post on our external version appt. from Friday yesterday and tried to repost it today, but it's not working. If you'd like to see it and also the wonderful wall vinyl David has created for Where the Wild Things Are, please go to the blog directly. Pin It

External Version Appt. & Vinyl Update

The doctor came in and then told me that they would not be doing an epidural and just using a little medication through the IV. They gave me 1 medicine that relaxes your uterus, which made me feel like I had drank a red bull (heart races) but then they gave me a little pain medication to calm things down. The pain medication just relaxes your tense muscles, you can still feel what they are doing.

So they then brought the ultra sound machine in and checked the baby and the Doctor verified with her hands on where she was going to try to push. She pushed on his head and bottom to try to get him to go. She tried clock wise and then counter clock wise. This was def. uncomfortable, but not unbearable. It felt as if she was pushing my stomach in about 4 inches down and then started pushing. After she started, I just wanted her to keep going until it worked as we were already there and in the middle, but she only did it for 10 mins max. She just said there was no way, he was not budging at all. On a scale of 1-10, the pain for those 10 mins was an 8-9.

Would I do it again? Yes, it really wasn't that bad and it was worth a shot.

After I just laid there waiting for all the medicine to wear off. After about 20 mins or so I got thirsty and asked for water, but she said to only have a little in case I still needed an emergency c-section. The baby's heartbeat did drop once and I had to lay on my side. She said I had a pretty intense contraction, but I didn't feel it. I did feel nauseous. I laid there for about 1 hour and a half to 2 hours. Everything was good to go and I was sent home. She said I was getting light Braxton hicks contractions still (I didn't feel them) but she said it was normal and I can go home. I was pretty sore on Saturday. It hurt to touch the areas she was pushing on, but I feel completely fine and normal now and he is moving like usual.

We have scheduled a c-section for Friday, February 10th at 9:45am. Max will be here so soon!

Vinyl Update: David and I borrowed Darrin and Stacey's cricut to try to assemble more of Max's Wild Thing theme in his room.
We printed a BUNCH of leaves that we will assemble to make a jungle (this weekend maybe).
The big accomplishment this weekend was MAX. Check out this Max character that David made from scratch. He traced and drew it out in photoshop and had to piece it all together. You can only print 1 color at a time and at a size of 1ft x 2ft. So you can imagine how much time and effort that went into it. You can also see one of the leaves we put up just to play. 
 Close up shot. I just LOVE him. David did such a great job!
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