Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Max's Custom Lime Green Nursery Closet

There was a few things I knew I wanted in a nursery. A few of those was the colors (lime green and aqua) and another was a customized closet to hold everything. I went to pinterest and picked my favorite.
 This is the plan that David designed for me to envision what he was thinking of doing. Once family got in town, we put it into action!
James and Chris puttied the holes from the old clothes rack and then painted. As we all know, David is not a painter and didn't want me to do it so we were very thankful they could help out. What a fine job they did!
Unfortunately I did not capture any shots of how this came to be, I probably don't really want to know. David and the boys worked on it while the gals were out shopping. Like I said yesterday the middle shelving is the expedit series from IKEA (they have a bunch of sizes). We purchased 2 of them and David cut the 2nd one up to be the shelves that you see right above the clothing rods. At $59 each you really couldn't beat the price since plywood costs $25 a sheet (we would have needed about 4) and all that work cutting and painting and all that.
I love how it ties in with the crib bedding that you can see in the corner. 
The closet goes pretty far back creating a ton of extra storage and space we are going to use for diapers, toys and all the other baby items we accumulate. The little drawers have socks and bibs.
Filling up pretty quick. I was amazed that most everything from the baby shower fit in the closet and the drawers (with the exception of some bigger items that are stored in the attic until he's bigger). Pin It


Chris said...

Actually, gotta give David credit for the putty. We painted after he was done with that. Lookin good.

Lacey said...

That closet is absolutely amazing!!!! I love it! So cute!

Jen S said...

Is that paint in James' cup, or beer?

Mock family said...

I'd love to say that's beer in the red solo cup but nope... Paint :)

Anonymous said...

Did you do anything to the Ikea shelf to re-enforce the weight of the closet bars?

Jen said...

All he used was those white brackets that you see to make the shelves more sturdy since we store lots of things on them. They are special hangers at Home Depot that attach to the wall.

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