Tuesday, February 28, 2012

1st Pediatrician Appointment

Max went to see the pediatrician for the first time on February 14th. We brought Susan some flowers for Valentines Day and she said that Max was her valentine.
Our pediatrician is Dr. Susan Smiley (thats really her last name) and she is a family friend. If anyone in Gwinnett is looking for a pediatrician we love her and Gwinnett Pediatrics. Max weighed 6 lbs 8 oz which was his weight when we left the hospital, so it wasn't bad news, but not great either. At this point we were at day 5 and my milk hadn't come in still (which is common since I had a c-section, it's a bit more delayed). We were going to monitor his diapers to see if we were getting enough poopy and wet. That evening I noticed my milk had come in and we picked up with the quality of feedings. From there on out Max was ready to eat and there was no need to do any formula at home.
Susan was a little concerned about the jaundice reports from the hospital and his color so we headed to get some blood work done. The test results showed that he was in the lowest bracket for risk of jaundice so we were good! We went back the 17th for a weight check and he was already at 6 lbs 15oz, just shy of his birth weight. At the 22nd appointment he was at 7 lbs 10 oz.
What a big boy! That was a great confidence boost for the nursing department as you really don't know if you are doing a good job. I am thankful to have made it past the 2 week mark and hope to continue on for a long while. He loves riding in his car seat with his bear suit jacket on. I'm glad it's been cold enough to wear it as I got it in a newborn size and it fits great right now. Pin It

Friday, February 24, 2012

2 Week Thoughts

Now that Max is 2 weeks old I wanted to share some thoughts from the past 2 weeks. They are pretty random, but I wanted to document them.

  • Max was 7lbs 10 oz at our weight checkup Wednesday, up 11 oz from the week before.
  • From the above statistic you can see he is eating very well. We are getting the hang of it, although it is still very time consuming. We are feeding every 3 hours unless he is super fussy and we feed him sooner. 
  • The soreness from nursing still occurs, I can't say enough good things about the lanolin (except it does stain your clothes so you can use the reusable/disposable pads or not care about your nursing tanks like I do). It's gotten so much better and I hope it continues. 

  • We love our pampers swaddlers. We are still in newborn size although he is outgrowing them pretty fast. We have not had any blowouts/leaks or anything yet (knock on wood).
  • We love huggies natural care plus wipes the best that we buy from costco in the huge packs
  • He is wearing newborn clothes which we had to buy more of (thanks Auntie Michelle) because I really thought the 0-3 months would fit him fine. He will outgrow them very soon though 
  • We are loving the sleep and play type pj's for every day use. They are easy for all the diaper changes and feedings since I strip him down to his diaper to feed him since he loves to fall asleep.  
  • I have become more active since the c-section and am holding, changing and carrying Max around more by myself. My lower stomach and incision area still hurts, but I am healing nicely. I walk around and really function normally minus the soreness and cautiousness I have from the surgery.
  • His umbilical cord fell off (David wouldn't stop messing with it) yesterday
  • We had his newborn photo shoot when he was 9 days old with Pam, with Paris Mountain Photography. This was beyond challenging for everyone involved. I was stressed because I wanted him to be a good boy and sleep on command and that just wasn't happening. Luckily my sister was in town and she assisted with keeping Max comfortable and David helped set the shots up. I was just nervously watching from afar. I know we got some good shots even though Max was a bit fussy.  I can't wait to get the pictures back.
  • We introduced a pacifier after talking with our pediatrician. Max just wouldn't calm himself down after his initial happy time after feeding before going back to bed. We tried a few pacci's that we had and he loves the wubbanub (soothies) the best. He is still getting the hang of it, but we've had no issues with nipple confusion.
Kinsley Marie
Aiden Myles
Our niece and nephew both had their babies yesterday (1 was early and 1 was overdue). Welcome to the world Kinsley and Aiden.  Congrats to Ashley and Josh! We can't wait to get all the cousins together at the next family gathering (probably Easter). 
Here are some iPhone photos from my camera. He was blinded by the flash on this one. 

Happy boy after eating
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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Max's Birth Story- Part 2

Yesterday I shared with you Max's birth story part 1. I was at 2 cm with the contractions hurting pretty good. I had said that I wanted to experience some labor and I def. got my wish. I decided that at that point in time I wanted to take that statement back. I was not loving the pain. If I was about to get cut open, then I'd rather not experience both. The nurses said that one option would be to hold off until the morning hours if I wasn't dilating and progressing with labor. The 2nd option would be to just get the epidural and proceed with the c-section. Dr. Parker was on call (she was the same doctor that did our version). and she said well, let's just do this now. So the epidural was administered. It was pretty painful, not horrible, but not pain free. I felt that I could still feel a lot so the anesthesiologist upped the dosage I think. We were in the operating room about 10 mins later ready to begin.

David scrubbed up and waited while they got me all prepped. Gary, the anesthesiologist was awesome through the whole thing, explaining what was happening. He even said "well, they have already cut you open" I was so glad he waited to tell me that until it was done instead of saying, okay they're going to cut you open now. I felt nothing. I started to feel pressure/tugging and pulling as he said I would, but on a scale of 1-10 i'd prob. say it was a 1. David did explain some of what was going on, but he was really into what was going on at the other side of the curtain. I kept reminding him to get ready with the camera and take off the lens cap. After about 10 mins,  the baby was ready to come out. I could hear them saying, "there's his bottom." This all happened so fast that we weren't sure when the baby was going to be born (the 9th or 10th).
Yep, that's my stomach, sorry if you're squeamish. 

 Well at 11:59pm, Max entered the world crying very loudly. I am so glad that he was making noise as I couldn't see anything. This made me feel good and I could hear them checking him out and cleaning him off. They then brought him over for about 5 mins so I could be close to him and we took some photos and he headed off to be weighed and get a bath.

 They finished up in about 10 mins with putting me back together and we headed to the recovery area to meet David and Max. We stayed there about an hour or 2 as I was very numb and couldn't feel my toes or legs for about 3-4 hours.  The nurse was giving him a bath right next to me so I could see. David thought he looked pretty big and was def. in the 7's. The anesthesiologist agreed and thought it was upper 7s, but he was just a tiny 7lb 1 oz. They then asked if i'd like to breast feed and I gave it a shot. He latched on pretty well with help from the nurses.

We finally went to the room around 2 something where my mom met us and she could meet her grand son. Mom spent the night with us and most of the next day. It was nice to get situated during the night without too many visitors. I just couldn't believe that he wanted to come early. I am SO glad my water did not break when we were out and about all day. That was a close one. I am also thankful that I took a shower and was basically ready. I guess mom and David should have listened to me when I said we didn't have time to do the shirts... Pin It

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Max's Birth Story- Part I

Well Thursday started out like any other day. I was excited since my mom was here and we were just going to finish up loose ends and relax. We went and got pedicures, out to lunch and shopped around for last minute items. We then went to dinner with David's parents at our favorite local italian restaurant (I had the chicken parmesan). After dinner we went to walmart to get some snacks and David and mom decided they wanted to make iron on t-shirts that said Max's Dad and Max's Mima.
Some final photos of the belly at 39 weeks
I proceeded to tell them that we were really running out of time and we should just get home and make sure we have everything ready. They said it would only take a few mins and not to worry. We came home and I took a shower and came down stairs to watch some tv and eat a snack. David finished his shirt and Mom was upstairs about to start on hers. David was in the kitchen having some cookies and milk and I was on the couch by myself.
bare belly at 39 weeks
All of the sudden around 8:30pm I felt this medium sized gush that felt like I had popped a ballon and water was flowing out. It felt warm, like I had peed myself. Sorry if this is TMI. I sat there for a second and then said "umm guys.... I think my water just broke" David looked over from the kitchen and was like are you serious. I really was unsure, but that was a lot of fluid. My mom came down stairs and helped me up and I asked if I could use the bathroom. She said sure, but I was just panicky because I didn't know how much time I had and I know that with having a c-section they really didn't want you to go into labor because it would be treated as more of an emergency c-section. Every time I moved, stood up or did anything more water would come out. Not a trickle or a small leak, a GOOD bit of fluid. I really didn't know how to function with all that water coming out. I went upstairs to change and David was gathering our bags which we were repacking. I was just so glad I had taken a shower and was as ready as I could have been. My mom finally reminded us to call the doctor. The midwife called back and asked a few questions and then said well, come on in. I really contemplated wearing no pants and just a towel because it was coming out so much. I had no idea that was going to happen. We got in the car and got to the hospital in record time. They checked us in right away and we headed to a pre-op room. 
Filling out tons of paperwork

The nurses were super nice and weren't sure since I had just eaten (I was suppose to fast after midnight) if they would just monitor me and wait until the morning to have the c-section as scheduled or do it right away. My contractions started in the car. They just felt like pretty bad period cramps. They were lasting about 30 seconds and were sporadic. The doctor instructed the nurse and wanted her to check how far dilated I was. I was at a 2 which was fine, they just didn't want me to be progressing super fast. At that point, I was taking back saying that I wanted to experience real labor as I felt jipped getting the c-seciton, but if I was going to have the c-section I was over the contractions already.
Here is a really attractive photo of me having some contractions.
 They proceeded to do an ultrasound to make sure the baby was still breech (the poor ultrasound lady had no idea my baby was breech. She was trying to be so nice and careful by telling me politely that unfortunately my baby was not in the correct position.
I scolded david on cracking so many jokes and told him to knock it off. When he is nervous he tells way more jokes than usual. Mom was with us the majority of the time, I just don't have any photos of her. Doctor Parker (the same doctor that tried to do the external version) was on call and came in to tell me what the plan was... Stay tuned for part 2. 
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Thursday, February 16, 2012

We're Surviving!

Hi Everyone!

We are still trying to survive our first week home with our sweet little Max. He is just so cute and handsome and we can't get enough of him. The feeding every 3 hours is very tiresome, but I wouldn't have it any other way. As we are still getting used to everything I'll prob. stay away for a few more days. I loved having my mom here helping for the first of his days home. Can't wait for her to come back in a few weeks. My sister is coming in tonight to stay for the long weekend and she is just going to love her new nephew. I can't wait for her to come and help. It's been so nice to be able to rest up and just focus on nursing this past week.  Just an FYI- nursing is as hard as people say it is and I can't wait till he gains his birth weight back so we can stretch it out a bit. All I have to say is that Lanolin is a lifesaver. I am also healing pretty well and able to move around and go up and down the stairs pretty easily. I am glad for the pain meds, but can def. see how fast I am recovering and I am very thankful for that. Thank you also to Davids family for coming to the hospital and dropping off meals for us at home. We appreciate it so much!

I will leave you with some sweet photos of Max from the past week. I can't believe today was my due date and he has already been here for a week. I also still can't believe my water broke (birth story coming next week).

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Baby Max is here!!

Hey everyone, Michelle here (Jen's twin sis/occasional guest blogger). Well Max decided to surprise everyone and Jen's water broke Thursday night around 8:30 pm!! She called me and goes "Don't freak out, but my water just broke!" even though she rightfully was the one freaking out :) They headed to the hospital and Jen had her c-section and Maxwell David was born at 11:59 on February 9th. He was 7 pounds 1 ounce and 19 inches long. JUST PERFECT! Mama, daddy, and baby are doing very well. They came home from the hospital Sunday evening. Mima (our mom) is very excited to have them all home and take care of everyone.
 Isn't he just adorable? I think I'm biased but this is the best looking baby I've ever seen :)
 His going home Valentine's Day outfit!

 First photo as a family!! Good job you guys

I'm not sure when Jen will be back blogging, but I hope you enjoyed this update! I will be meeting baby Max late Thursday night and I can't wait!!
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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pregnancy Survey-39 Weeks- Last One!

Tomorrow is the big day. It will be Max's birthday! We are excited to meet our little boy. Today, we're having a girls day getting pedicures and running a few errands. I'll have my sister update the blog at some point this weekend to let everyone know how we're doing and share photos. Get your votes in for Max's weight! I did post yesterday, but blogger hasn't updated on blog rolls for some reason so if you want to see a look back these past 9 months, head on over to the blog. 

How Far Along: 39 weeks 

Size of baby: Your baby's waiting to greet the world! He continues to build a layer of fat to help control his body temperature after birth, but it's likely he already measures about 20 inches and weighs a bit over 7 pounds, a mini watermelon. (Boys tend to be slightly heavier than girls.) The outer layers of his skin are sloughing off as new skin forms underneath.
Total Weight Gain: Final tally is right at 30 lbs 

Sleep: Waking up about every 2 hours to pee. I'm getting good practice at that.

Symptoms: Sore upper back after sitting for a while.

Cravings: nothing crazy, still loving cereal and desserts. Speaking of desserts, we stopped at Sonic on the way from the airport last night because I wanted a Peanut butter cup blast. David got butterfingers and as I was eating mine I kept saying, "I think some of your butterfingers got in my PB." David said, "that's odd, they mix them separately in the cups." I said, "hmm ok." So we keep eating. I then say again, "man I really think they mixed it or something is up with mine."  We're only 2 mins away at this point and David is driving and it's dark. He finally has a realization and says, "oh no I think I'm eating your peanut butter one." I said, "really how did you not notice." He said, "I don't know, but i've eaten the whole thing already!" I seriously only had like 3 bites to his whole thing devoured. People that know me, do know that I eat slow, but come on the whole thing without even noticing what you're eating! We were too far to go back for another, but did realize when we got home that they put the toppings from the PB one on the butterfinger one and vice versa so half not Davids fault. As you can see I'm still traumatized by this, but I just love PB. 

Gender- Max David 

Movement: He's still moving a good bit, I really don't think he knows what's coming on Friday. Poor little guy is going to be yanked out to greet the world.

Maternity Clothes: Same

Best Moments this week: Having David home more and getting ready for my mom to come.

What I'm looking forward to: This one is easy this week... To meet our little baby boy! I can't believe the time is almost here. Hard to believe.

Milestones: House is cleaned, freezer meals are made and we are ready to go! We have scheduled our newborn shoot for when my sister is in town, so i'm very thankful for the help during that time. I'll post final photos later today when i'm not in pj's.
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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Past 9 Months- A Look Back

Don't forget to vote for what you think Max's weight will be. If you'd like to be specific, leave it in the comments.

Today is my last day at work for 12 weeks! We had yummy celebratory donuts that Lacey brought in (I was craving Krispy Kreme). I thought I'd take a look back at the pregnancy and share some thoughts and photos from the past 9 months
We found out in the beginning of June that we were expecting a little bambino. David was traveling and I couldn't wait to tell him.
Our first doctors appointment wasn't until July 15 at 9 weeks. It felt like a million years waiting for the confirmation appointment.
I was so glad that Michelle and James were passing through on their summer vacation so we could tell them in person. They helped us skype my mom and share the news.
Michelle and James made all the shirts and I came across this baby bump shirt the other day. I should have put it back on, but there is NO way it would fit.
From week 6 until week 17-18 I was not feeling so hot. It was an all day yucky feeling and I was unable to cook or do anything like I was used to.

Most of my weekends were spent laying down, researching and reading. Thankfully it went away and I have been feeling pretty great ever since!
David jumped into survival mode and started accomplishing items that have been on our to-do list like home renovations. We wanted to do something for us before we would be devoting our everything for the baby.
In October we had a gender reveal party where we found out before hand that Max was a boy and had a fun party to share. The cupcakes revealed blue!
It was fun google videoing with my family and friends from all over that weren't able to be in GA for the party.
It was really fun and I'm glad we did it.
In November we went up to NY for thanksgiving and had a great shower with my family. My mom and sister did a great hosting job and Max got spoiled rotten.
I thought I was getting so big, but man was I wrong lol. I don't look 30 weeks pregnant here.
In December we had so many fun holiday gatherings including my GA shower hosted by David's family. I was also thankful to have my family come to town to help with the nursery and really pull everything together for us.
We also got to see baby Max on 3D/4D ultrasound. He wasn't very cooperative, but he is so cute looking still.
We also learned that he should have been turned face down by now and tried everything to get him to go on his own. We even had an external version performed by the Doctor to manually try to turn him. We were unsuccessful and now just anticipating the scheduled c-section.
I was also so excited to get maternity photos done to remember this time.
One of our favorite projects was the evolution of Max's nursery. We started just with custom bedding and colors (blue, aqua and lime green) and when my sister told us that the boy in the wild things book was named Max we thought it was really cool. We began researching how we could incorporate various pieces into the room. David's motto on this project was apparently go big or go home, because he took it to the next level with customized vinyl wall decals which he created and placed on the walls. I love the personal touches.
Here is a picture from 9 weeks. I can't believe I thought I was getting a stomach at that point. 
10 week belly shot.
This was from this morning, so just about 39 weeks! I'll take a full length one for our final days left. I think I will miss feeling Max move all the time the most. I have really enjoyed that and think I will be using my moby wrap a lot to keep him close. I can't wait for my mom to come tonight and for us to meet Max on Friday. I'll post my last survey tomorrow at 39 weeks!
Thanks for following in our journey!
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