Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Out With the Old

Today is the big day! Our new bed and bench are being delivered and set up today!
 I was so happy to see our old bed frame go away. The railings in the back always came apart when I was watching TV (you can see it i n the picture) and it was just falling apart.
I cheered David on as he took it apart, you can see how it was just rigged together with the wood pieces. I will not miss it. Davids parents are heading over later to let them in for us (thanks!) and I am excited that Haverty's has a tracking device where you can track the truck on the status of deliveries. For example, I know there is 9 stops for the day and I am number 7.They have just finished with #1 and are in transit to stop #2. Pretty cool. Pin It

Monday, August 29, 2011

On Our Way to Big Boy/Big Girl Furniture!

Nope, not for the baby's room, but for our master bedroom! We went to a few stores furniture shopping and went to Haverty's and everyone was already having their labor day sales so we browsed around. I still wanted the upholstered headboard look, but a little more grownup. Here was one of my inspiration pics.
Well, we found a bed we liked and purchased it! I don't waste any time. We didn't love the matching end tables or dresser as they were too big, bulky and expensive. We decided to go with the bed and bench and find other things later at a better price. The bed is a dark wood so I am a little worried about finding someting to match, but I am optimistic. We headed to Pier 1 and a few other places and I found this interesting side table that was beige/cream and I wondered if it would match the upholstered fabric on the headboard. I wanted to check out Home Goods because they always have interesting finds at great prices. Well I walk in and find almost the EXACT same table that was at Pier 1 (except it had 2 drawers and not 3) but everything else was the same and it was $100 cheaper. We scooped it up and I went to another Home Goods yesterday to find a matching table since they only had 1. Mission was successful and we are now waiting for the bed to come in on Wednesday.
I put a collage together of everything we have purchased so far. The side tables are the Pier 1 ones since Home Goods doesn't have their items online, but they really are similar minus the 1 drawer. I am just not sure on mixing and matching the wood colors. It might look like crap or it might be a nice contrast and look. I am in love with the tables already so I am not sure I can part with them.
This is the Home Goods Table. Isn't it so similar? We got free delivery for the bed and bench after pretending we were going to walk away from the purchase and they called a few times saying they lowered the delivery fee, but we said we'll think about it. Later that evening the manager called and gave us the free delivery and set up. It pays to play hardball and cash.
I also found a duvet set at Home Goods that I really liked. Look at the picture of the actual bed and isn't that pillow underneath gorgeous. I am not sure on all the colors, but it's an option. The next step after figuring out if the side tables will work is picking out lamps, curtains, a chair/seating area and bedding to coordinate with our new grownup furniture. Pin It

Thursday, August 25, 2011

15 Week Survey

 How Far Along: 15 weeks

Size of babyYour growing baby now measures about 4 inches long, crown to rump, and weighs in at about 2 1/2 ounces (about the size of an apple). She's busy moving amniotic fluid through her nose and upper respiratory tract, which helps the primitive air sacs in her lungs begin to develop. Her legs are growing longer than her arms now, and she can move all of her joints and limbs.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I'm sticking with 3-5 lbs right now

What I miss: Nothing really besides feeling normal in the mornings

Sleep: Nothing new on this home front. Still trying to get used to the snoogle, it's too high up to rest my head on so I like to rest it under my stomach and in between my legs.

Symptoms: Well, I still don't feel great in the mornings, but I have another theory about this morning sickness. I think it might be going away or gone. I think my problem is with the foods I am eating. I eat ego waffles before I shower and I am starving already on the way to work and when I get here I have to eat again. If I don't my stomach doesn't like being empty and I think I am mistaking this feeling for morning sickness when I really need to eat better and more substantial foods. I tried this morning eating some fiber one cereal in the car on the way to work (not a good idea by the way, not enough red lights to eat and drive). It seems to be holding me off better and I feel pretty good. I am ready for lunch already though.

Cravings: I really want a Willy's burrito. Their adobe chicken is awesome and is way better than Moe's chicken, it's just not close by. I might have to travel to one and take a long lunch one day (Maybe Tuesdays lunch Leah & Lacey?) I am also going to whole foods for lunch today and I am excited for the hot and cold bar (thanks shell!)

Best Moments this week: Possibly starting to feel better, I don't want to jinx it, but I do feel more normal so hopefully we are on our way!

What we are looking forward to:  I am already looking forward to Labor Day weekend, even though we still have 1 weekend in the way. David has no classes that weekend so I am excited to spend time together. We also are furniture shopping for our master bedroom!
No pic today, nothing new has been going on. I am still waiting for a more substantial bump to grow. Next Friday is our heartbeat appointment so I'm anxious to make sure everything is going well. Pin It

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Pregnant Girls Nightstand

This is what my nightstand looks like. I tried those preggo pop candies and let me say, they do not work at all so don't waste your money. They do taste amazing as a candy. I also have snacks and water to try to help with the nausea. I am loving the books though. I already told you about the Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy, which I loved. I am now reading Baby Bargains and The Pregnancy Bible. I also browse randomly in the baby names book with my eyes closed and whatever page I flip to and point my finger on is the baby's name for the night. So far some of the weird ones I've gotten were Daria and Elton (no offense if your kids are named that, I just think of the MTV character and Elton John.)

Does anyone have books that will help me raise and take care of the baby? At some point in the next few months I need to move on to what to actually do once the baby gets here. I know I want to read Baby Wise (don't hate) and The Happiest Baby on the Block. Pin It

Monday, August 22, 2011

Long Weekend Fun

Helloooo Monday. I am not glad you are here. We had a very nice long weekend, just wasn't long enough. Happy first day of school with kids for my sister!
 On Wednesday night I made some things to bring up to the cabin. This was the first time I really cooked in 2 months. I had motivation and it was good once I got going. I made some baked ziti (1 alfredo and 1 regular for later).
 I also made these amazing cookies that Leah shared on her blog last week. A def. must make, they were gone within minutes.
 The wedding was very beautiful filled with pretty flowers that Stacey and I put together out of hydrangeas. I took zero photos as I was busy doing other things. I stole a few pics from fb to show you.
The beautiful bride and handsome groom.
There was a small vineyard outside (in the background) that made for some pretty photos. Congrats to the happy couple. I was so exhausted even though I barely helped clean up that on the way home from the cabin I threw up in the car (good thing David had a bag) so if you're wondering if the sickness is gone, that's a big negative. We also went to a birthday party in buckhead on Saturday night, but in between all that David was taking his class both days and I was napping with Molly. Pin It

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

14 week survey!

I am doing this survey a day early because we are heading to the north GA mountains tomorrow to attend the wedding of Davids niece. We are excited to help and be a part of their special day.
How Far Along: 14 weeks

Size of baby: Your baby, now as long as a lemon, weighs about 1 1/2 ounces. (Length: 3 1/2 inches, head to bottom.) This week's big developments: Your baby can now squint, frown, grimace, pee, and possibly suck it's thumb!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: The doctor scale said I gained 5 pounds, but I have a new digital scale at home and have been using it and it only said 2 pounds so we'll average and go with 3ish. I'll accept it next time I go if it's really 5 lbs.

What I miss: Could def. go for a big sub from Wegmans. I will be microwaving my meat soon.

Sleep: I am getting up 3x a night for the potty, but I also don't stop drinking water before bed. I know I need to drink more so I don't want to stop hours before bed.

Symptoms: Don't worry, still feeling the nausea. I am not officially 14 weeks until tomorrow so maybe it will magically stop!

Cravings: I think I am over Moe's for now. I got it 2 times this past weekend. Nothing is standing out besides some NY food. Thanks to Kristen for going to NY and tempting me with all the good food.

Best Moments this week: We had the best time at the doctor so I am so thankful that went well and the results came back normal.

What we are looking forward to:  Heading to the mountains tomorrow for a few days! We will be working away preparing for the wedding, but I am just glad to be off work for a few days.
Belly pic in the nursery.
I will stop with the bare belly photos soon once you can see my bump over my clothes.
Close up of my ever so slight bump out. Sorry about the hair and lack of makeup. It's from this weekend where I really didn't do too much. Pin It

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nursery Room Brainstorm

We have cleared out the guestroom/workout room to make way for a nursery. We actually had to for the carpet anyway so that's why it happened so fast. I wanted to show you the blank canvas of a room since I've already started looking at nursery designs.
It is a standard 100ish sq feet room that has a 2-3 foot walkway in to the square box room. I am loving the new carpet still.
Molly is demonstrating how deep the closet goes back in.
I have a few baby items saved up that I found good deals on. The first is a bumbo seat I got at our work "fire sale" we had a while back.
The second is this lovely seat I found at good will for $10-$15 a while ago. It is adorable, neutral colored and has battery operated vibration, sound and swinging.
I loved it once I saw it and had to have it.
Look at the little caterpillar and snail. So sweet. I should have put the Dutailier rocking chair in the room that David's sister Gina gave to us. I love reading and rocking in the chair already (yes, I do that, so what). It has a floral print on the cushions, but once we find out our color scheme, they sell replacement cushions so we can customize it to fit with our style.
So as you can see we have 3 walls to work with. The wall you can't see in this photo is the closet. You can also see the lovely window we have and the ceiling fan. We need to take down the TV, too. I was busy this weekend researching girl and boy nurseries that I liked. I know I have a while, but as soon as we find out the gender, we will be ready to go. That's just how I roll.
This is one of my favorite color pallets for a girl. I love the shade of pink with the warmness of the oatmeal colored wall and chair. Take a look at my other ideas from Pinterest. Haha I just now noticed there was a TINY baby on the storage thingy. Wow.
 I really loved what they did with this closet. I am def. painting the closet walls and adding in shelving like this. I just haven't decided if we should remove the doors or if it can still look this nice and we can use the doors, too.
 For a boy I am loving the blue/aqua, green colors shown above mixed with a little yellow and white. Check out the rest of my boy inspiration here.
So cute, can't wait to start feeling better and to find out what we're having.
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Monday, August 15, 2011

Dr. Appt Update and Weekend Randoms

We had a GREAT doctors appointment on Friday. We met with the ultrasound technician first and her name was Shannon. I wanted to record that here so I wouldn't forget. She's only there on fridays and we really liked her. She was so nice and excited to see our little one. We were so surprised at how active the baby was. He/She was thrashing around and opening and closing its mouth. It even looked like he/she was sucking it's thumb. I have a few pictures, but the video is much more exciting. She also told us that everything looks good for the nuchal screening test. That our odds were low for down syndrome with the measurement of the fold behind the neck. I did a blood test also so we'll get the official results in 7-10 days.Update- I just got a call from the doctor office and they said that the results of the nuchal screening tests came back normal! Yay!

After we had the ultrasound we met with the planning coordinator who talked to us about the practice and our options for Doctor delivery vs. midwife. She also went over upcoming appointment schedules, testings and answered any questions we had. The basic difference in our OBGYN office is that Doctors are basically there just for the birth (in her words she said "to catch the baby"). Midwives are there through the whole labor process and take more time with you in appointments to explain and answer questions. They do also deliver the baby unless there are complications or a C-section. They will then call the on-call doctor from our practice and they will also come. After talking with the coordinator we met with, Jennifer, a midwife who did an exam and we really liked her too. She was very personable and apologized a ton for being late even though we really only waited 10 mins which is nothing in doctor worlds. We decided that the midwife option better suited us as we haven't' had great luck with the doctors so far. We go back at 16 weeks for a heartbeat check and then 20 weeks for the gender ultrasound. Get ready everyone, we will be having a gender reveal party probably the beg. of October!

Weekend Randoms-
 David said he had a surprise for me thursday night and when I got home, the new carpet had been installed! They had a cancellation that morning and they literally came over within 30 mins to install it. Thankfully Davids parents came over to meet them. I LOVE it and I have spent most of my time sitting on the carpets all weekend.
Molly loves it. We were sitting together.
I am still not feeling great and this is what I am doing most of my weekends. Luckily David is taking his online class so I can get away with it.  I found a great use for my body pillow. It propped me up and my computer. I was busy looking up nursery inspiration and master bedroom remodeling inspiration.
David was also so sweet and packed me an emergency car snack pack kit. I was stuck in traffic last week and mentioned to him that I would be in serious trouble if I was really stuck for a while because I was starving! It is filled with small bottled waters, pretzels, these cute poptart minis and mentos candy. He is the best. Pin It

Thursday, August 11, 2011

13 Week Survey

How Far Along: 13 weeks

Size of baby: Your baby has reached the size of a medium shrimp and weighs nearly an ounce. (Length: almost 3 inches, head to bottom.) Fingerprints have formed on your baby's tiny fingertips, her veins and organs are clearly visible through her still-thin skin, and her body is starting to catch up with her head. The baby center website uses his/her interchangeably so I'm not changing it and it doesn't mean that's what we're having. We don't know yet.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I don't think I've gained anything more than a pound or two, if that.

What I miss: Nothing this week besides feeling normal when I wake up.

Sleep: Sleeping pretty good. I got one of those Snoogle body pillows to try out and it's a bit bulky, but I like what it does for my back and under my legs. Not sure about the neck part, it's a bit thicker than my flat pillow I normally sleep with. I still get up at least 2 times during the night for the potty.

Symptoms: Still getting a bit of a nauseated feeling in the mornings. I am really HOPING that with the 2nd trimester coming next week that I will begin to feel normal. Please!

Cravings: Still craving Moe's and go at least once a week (probably twice). I'm not going to lie I can put down a home wrecker burrito (on whole grain) and just leave a little bit at the end. I don't eat the chips though. Love the guacamole they put in there. I'm pretty sure they know my order by heart and are just polite and let me tell them what they want.  My sister got me gift cards to Moe's and Wholefoods to help with my eating out habit. Thanks sissy! I just realized I wrote a whole paragraph about Moe's. I have a problem.

Best Moments this week: Hanging out with David for my birthday weekend. We had lots of fun just hanging around the house and tearing out the carpet. We're still waiting for them to install it. Molly is over the bare floors.

What we are looking forward to:  Our doctor appointment tomorrow!  We are doing the 1st trimester nuchal screening test. They use an ultrasound to assess the risk of your baby having down syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities as well as major congenital heart problems. The test measures the space in the tissue at the back of your developing baby's neck. Babies with abnormalities tend to accumulate more fluid at the back of their neck during the first trimester, causing this clear space to be larger than average.

No belly picture this week. I am really not showing that much. I might have a little bulge that forms more after I eat a ton, but nothing crazy. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow for the nuchal test. I probably won't post until after the weekend, the appointment is later in the day tomorrow afternoon. Have a great weekend. Pin It

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How We Told Everyone at Work

Everyone knows by now that I work at a pretty cool place. It's no secret that the decor is very girly and we like to have fun. I told my boss and she immediately wanted to call everyone down to share the news. Leah, Lacey and I knew that we had to do something different since 10% of our employees are pregnant and people would be expecting it if you said you had something to share. We have a product department that designs all of our wedding favors and baby gifts. We knew that they had also created a few baby shower games for a client and we thought we'd play on that. We wanted to pretend that the product girls made up a new game and wanted to test it out to make sure it wasn't too hard. That meant that we had to tell them first. Leah and Lacey designed the game board and we first tested it on Amanda and Christina and told them that we had an idea for a game. It was hilarious and they agreed to be apart of it. The plan was now in action. The product girls sent an email out to some people we selected to share the news with saying to meet in the conference room at X time to test out a new game. They passed the game out and gave the instuctions so no one would have any idea we were involved.

Now, it's your turn to play the game. It's called Mad Gab. You try to sound out the phrases that contain small words that, when put together, make a word or phrase.
See if you can get them, write your answers in the comments.
Here we are pointing to the one that refers to me. Keep in mind that it uses a nickname that a lot of people call me at work and in real life. It has to do with my maiden last name. Of course no reveal is complete without a video so Lacey recorded it for me and the only guy in the room got it.
It was very funny, everyone had a great time with it. She was trying to record without anyone noticing so that's why the camera is pointed down sometimes. We kept doing it over and over to people who missed the big reveal. 

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How We Told Some of the Family

The timing was perfect for when I was going to tell my sister. I found out on a Tuesday and she was heading back through my town on her road trip Wednesday. I rushed to Target on my lunch break and picked up these cute onesies to give to her. It's hard to keep anything from Michelle and she already had a feeling so I had to lie to her all Tuesday and Wednesday until she got here.
I decided to get a boy version and a girl not to discriminate or jinx myself.
Here is the happy Auntie. From the moment I told her we were scheming on how to tell Mom. We came up with a great plan, most of it was her and James' idea.
Here is how the plan went down. While we were at work the next day James and Michelle made us t-shirts.
When we got home we'd ask Mom to video with us so we could try out the new ipad (that we don't have anymore). We really weren't going to use the ipad, we just told her to get her to video with us.
Michelle showered me with little gifts and a book to record my pregnancy memories in. Very cute and thoughtful. Okay back to the plan. So we tried to video with Mom, but her video would NOT work. I mean we tried for about an hour and we were like, come on. We finally decided that since she could see us and we could hear her that it would be good enough. Her reactions usually speak for themselves. We decided we would just try to talk and say hey and we hoped she could read our shirts. Enjoy the video.

We also told my brother in a similar manner, but didn't record it. Very fun. I forgot to add that as soon as we gave my mom the go ahead to tell people, we emailed her the video of the heartbeat and she couldn't figure out how to send it out so she was running around the neighborhood with her laptop showing people. Next up was David's parents. We went out to dinner and brought the new ipad and had them flip through pictures and see if they noticed the picture I showed you on how I told David. It took them a while and they didn't realize what it was. Very funny, I secretly videoed with my phone while they were flipping through the ipad.

David brought pretty flowers home and I put them in cute mason jars, just thought they looked pretty. Thanks for letting me share! Pin It

Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend Pictures & What's Been Going on the Past Few Weeks

I had a great birthday weekend hanging with the husband and getting things done on our list.
 On Friday we went to Dinner to Sunset Cove Beach Grill where Davids sister manages the kitchen there. We enjoyed the pretty views and the yummy food. We had planned to go back Sunday to the beach/water park area, but the weather didn't cooperate and we were busy anyway.
 After David's class was over he went to work taking out the old carpet. Man, is it dirty and yucky.
 Look at the empty canvas in the room. I am ready to do a little redecorating.
 We stopped off and saw some family and had a family party yesterday to celebrate birthdays (mine included) Here is Austin with his baconater pizza he created. Thanks to everyone for all the gifts, messages and love for my birthday!

I have been keeping this post in draft since I found out I was pregnant to record notes so I wouldn't forget. Sorry if you're getting tired of all this stuff, I've just been storing it for 2 months now!

Week 4- Towards the end of this week, I found out I was pregnant. I just told you how I told David and that was pretty much it for that week.

Week 5- I have had seriously no pregnancy symptoms, that's why I was so hesitant to even take a test, I just thought my cycle was still regulating and it was going to be a long month. I get hungry, but this is nothing new. If I had to think of 1 sign it would be going to the bathroom. I feel like I've had to pee a little more often. I also made a Dr appointment for July 15 to confirm and have an ultrasound.

Week 6- Some type of morning sickness has occurred. Thankfully its not too terribly bad. I wake up with a hungry/empty stomach feeling, but don't feel like eating anything. I have to force myself to eat before I can even think about getting in the shower. If I don't, I don't last more than a few minutes in the shower before feeling like fainting. I don't feel like throwing up, but I just don't want any food I make. I ended up going out to lunch most every day this past week.  Once my tummy is full and remains with some type of food in my system I am good to go for the most part the rest of the day. My chest is also getting bigger (sorry if this is TMI) although its not too painful.

Week 7- I am pretty nauseated every morning consistently. I'm thinking it might be the vitamins I'm taking, but I switched to just flinstones and its still happening. I finally lost my cookies this morning after I tried to eat some breakfast. Boy how things change in a few weeks. Sometimes I feel that I can't go to work as the sickness is not enjoyable to say the least. Once I get lunch in me I am usually good to go though it's just the morning eating where I'm having a hard time. These next couple weeks of work before my appointment next Friday are going to be pretty rough. I still have no motivation to cook or clean or do anything. David has been the best though, he gets me whatever I want and is very caring. In return he feels as though he is also pregnant and is getting cravings already, too.

Week 8- This morning all day I have had "morning sickness" all day long. In the Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy book I am reading they call it Progesterone Poisoning instead, very funny. It's just a lingering feeling in my stomach that stays there. I am almost through this week and am VERY excited that tomorrow is finally here! I am going for my 1st doctor's appointment to confirm pregnancy and to get all checked out. My doctor place waits way too long in my opinion before they will see you for the first time. It's between 8-10 weeks. I'll be right around 9 tomorrow. I think its so they can listen to heart beat since its just now developing and being able to be heard. One thing I forgot to mention- so much for glowing skin, mine resembles a strawberry patch because I'm breaking out like crazy. It's finally getting a little better. I am so nervous/ excited to see if something is in my tummy. I can't wait to share with everyone finally (well some people know already, it's just so hard to keep secrets, isn't it David) lol.

Week 9- Last Friday was a great day. We got to go to the doctor finally and get confirmation that we have a little munchkin in there. I thought the appointment would be a little more detailed oriented in explaining this new process, but it felt a bit rushed. It could have been because it was one of the last appointments on Friday, but that's the only time we could do it. They had me pee in a cup and then took me right away to get the internal ultrasound. I really thought they'd wait to test my pee or do something to confirm I had a baby before doing the ultrasound. The nurse practitioner had the baby on the screen in seconds and just started  saying this is the baby, and this is the cord and this is the sac and I had to stop her and say so wait, there is a baby in there then? I was hoping she'd notice that I was a first time mommy and she needed to slow down, but she kept on going. She showed us the heartbeat and David had brought the nice camera and wanted to video with his phone so he had her go back and show us things again so he could record it. She was a little annoyed but we didn't care. After that we went to meet with a doctor and she gave us a packet of info and basically sent us along after we got a chance to ask questions. I guess I was hoping for a more special appt. where everything was explained as if you didn't know what was going on at all. Hopefully the next appointment will be better or we might be evaluating the dr office. I am still not feeling great, but making it along. We told people at work yesterday and it was hilarious. Wait till you see how we did it. Thanks to Leah and Lacey and the product girls for their help.

Week 10- I am finally starting to feel a little better. I know that I require a bunch of little snacks and foods in the morning before lunch so I guess I am just more prepared. Still the roughest time is from wake up till after lunch. I am starting to get hungrier a lot more. I haven't gained any weight even with me eating out as much as I am. I recently went to Whole Foods at lunch and stocked up at the hot bar and salad bar to bring some food home for dinner since I am not cooking yet. That place is so good, but expensive for the pocket book. Nothing much else is new, I am enjoying the book "The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy" that Leah let me borrow. It is HILARIOUS. I laugh a lot when I read it and would strongly recommend it.

Thanks for reading my weekly updates. I look forward to sharing this journey with everyone. I just really wanted to document and keep records to look back on this time. Thanks for all your kind words, we are very excited! Pin It

Friday, August 5, 2011

12 Week Survey!

This officially starts my weekly pregnancy surveys! I hope you enjoy reading along with my progress along the way. 

How Far Along: 12 weeks

Size of baby:Your baby is, by this time, the size of a lime and weighs 1/2 ounce. (Length: just over 2 inches, head to bottom.) 
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I don't think I've gained anything yet. I'll find out next week at my doctors appointment. 

Movement: We have a while before that begins so I'll prob. take this question out till further along.

What I miss: Deli Meat! I know some people don't abide by this, but deli meat can contain the bacteria listeria which can make you and baby really sick. After I get out of the first trimester I will be microwaving some schlotsky's lunch meat. 

Sleep: Sleeping pretty good. I think I'm going to need to get one of those body pillows soon, It's hard getting comfortable and trying not to lay on my stomach for practice. I do get up at least 2 times during the night for the potty. 

Symptoms: Still getting a bit of a nauseated feeling in the mornings. I require food as soon as I get up and in small doses till lunch and beyond! I'm hoping there is relief in sight!

Cravings: I have been craving Moe's a lot and can't wait to get my free birthday burrito that I just got in my email! 

Best Moments this week: Seeing progress on all the house renovations, getting close to being done!

What we are looking forward to:  The weekend! My birthday (and Michelle's) is on Sunday so we have some fun planned with dinner, family and Lake Lanier Islands! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHELLE. WISH WE COULD BE HANGING TOGETHER IN PERSON.

Here is a beginning picture of my baby bump (or lack there of one) from 9 weeks. There still isn't really anything there unless I eat a lot of food and then it's just a full stomach lol. 

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

How I Told David

Shortly after returning from my trip to NY I realized that I should have gotten AF (aunt flow for all you not down with the lingo). Sorry if this is all TMI, just scroll down for pic.  I went the next day after work to buy a test. I didn't tell anyone I was going to get one because I really didn't feel like I was pregnant. I mean I guess I kind of did or I wouldn't have purchased the test. I had been taking my bbt (basil body temperature) for a few months just trying to see how regular my cycle was.  Here is what a chart looks like. If you are interested in doing this, definitely use
The red solid line indicates ovulation. Take note that normally people ovulate around day 14 plus or minus a few days, I was later. The dotted line indicates days that I didn't test while in NY. I came back on 14 DPO (Days post ovulation). Normally AF comes for me between 12-14 DPO. So when my temperature was still high on day 15 that's when I took a test. If you get AF your temps go way down again and the cycle starts on day 1 again.
I read the pregnancy kit box and realized that I didn't have to wait till the morning (I thought it was best with fresh morning pee), but technology is awesome and it can be any time. I went and got a plastic bowl to pee in because I wasn't sure I could create a constant flow for 3-5 seconds as the box instructed and I didn't want to chance missing (again, sorry for the TMI, I did throw the bowl away). I dunked the test in and walked away for the 3 minutes it said to wait. I came back and saw the bright red control line and then a not as bright pink line. It wasn't very bright, but it wasn't pale. I start freaking out and saying oh my gosh. I'm pretty sure my hands were shaking and I picked up the phone to call David. I was going to try to surprise him as he was coming home the next night, but I couldn't wait. I told him I had to tell him something and he immediately thought something was wrong. I informed him that nothing was wrong, but I think I might be pregnant. He was in disbelief and said to go down stairs, have dinner, drink a lot of water and we'll meet back in a few hours. So that's what we did, I called David on facetime (thanks Iphones) and set the phone down and peed directly on the stick this time. I was about to do the walk away for 3 minute routine, but then I noticed as I was setting it down that the lines already appeared! David immediately said, "yep, you're definitely pregnant." I took a picture of our reactions on the phone and you're going to love Davids face.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

No Recipe Today, But There is a Bun in the Oven!!

We have some exciting news to share as you can see! David and I are having a baby!! Baby W is due February 16th and we are very excited, nervous and all that jazz. I am 12 weeks along and I promise to share lots more in the coming days and weeks as to how I'm feeling and how we told family. I am probably going to be talking about this a lot now so I can document so you might want to tune out if you're not interested or have baby fever already!
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