Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Christmas & December 2015

Halloween one day, Christmas the next!
We had professional pics done at the beginning for December. It worked out because it also marks that Colette was A year and a half old. We were the first ones of the day and it was COLD. Colette wasn't that cooperative, but she wasn't screaming/crying or throwing fits so that is a win! 
We went to a tree farm and it was a great spot for festive photos. 
Max is the best photo taker, he needs to teach his daddy to open his eyes! 
I mean how cute is her vest. 

She was already entering the no more hair bow phase as she rips them off. 

Looks like I put a few other update pics in here. We also decided to get new carpet in our family room and office/playroom.
The before. It was just the builders grade beige that was 10 years old. Stains everywhere that just never went away. It was time.
The after! I love it. We didn't get the best quality and all that since we know we still have little kids. 

As one of our events as the social committee we decided to do the Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta mailbox brigade. For $40 donation to CHOA the social committee decorated festive mailboxes with donated greenery (and some borrowed from random bushes around the community). It was quite the undertaking. I didn't realize we had to put together the whole thing and either did most people who ordered them so we got our crew together and split them up. We only had 25 houses this year but will be capping the number to 50 next year. It was a hit. David helped a lot and Max came out one night with us.
Max had his first preschool program event. They sang Christmas songs and it was adorable. The placement of the kids wasn't the best as they had the kids with the tall hats in front... Max is short so it was a game of peekaboo to see him most times.

Crazy boys.. There is 1 girl in the class in the back row. 
Here was the line leader!! Wasn't shy or anything, came walking up to the front first!

Our pretty Christmas Tree.
My annual cookie exchange party. 
Decorations. Love the festive lights.

I did a simple sugar cookie something or other. They looked cute until the sprinkles melted in. Tasted great though.

Final product with all the choices. We had a full house this year of 17 entries! 
PJs with Santa event we put on for our community. It was a great success! Love Santa John. 
Coco bean not a fan. 
Possibly sick, not sure we had a rough couple of sick months, but her sleep sack is festive!
I got David the Christmas vacation moose mugs after seeing our neighbors drinking from them. I love them. One of our favorites to watch that time of year while stringing lights on our big tree.
It was a very warm Christmas, think air conditioning on. I can't complain it was very nice. 
Playing with her new baby and stroller. 
That's the kind of Christmas we had lol Heather.
I think this was Christmas eve celebration. We do it big for both days. We have lasagna and usually a craft, but with kids we usually just drink our craft lol.
The Liebervilles color coordinated and it was worth noting! 
I wanted to include a few pics from Christmas morning of them opening their stockings and gifts. 

Santa got Max the watch he's been asking for! 

A baby girl for our baby girl.
The chaos.
Best gift ever. Thanks Marla!

Ha! So we were picking out a gift for Uncle Chris one day and knew a gift card would not be suitable once we saw this at the store. Max INSISTED on getting it because it matched his PJ's.
Matching outfits again! A crying baby also. They were out the door and we made them stop for the pic. That reminds me, the shirts I was trying to coordinate with were not Amazon Prime, so I missed out on them. I better order now.
The day after we hosted yet another party for David's family. It was our turn this year.... DARRIN you're up for next year :)
The 3 musketeers together again!
All the littles.
The whole gang minus Jacob. Full house for sure! 
Family pics.
Merry Christmas!! 
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