Wednesday, December 29, 2010

After Christmas Sale Goodies!

I've been pretty exicted to post about our after Christmas decorations that we found! On Christmas night I made our game plan that had the stores numbered in order of visiting, addressess, and hours. We started out with JC Pennys at 7am. We bribed the boys to come with breakfast out. We didn't find much there so we hurried over to Target where we found a lot of stuff!
 Here is our cart. Keep in mind this is both my sister and my stuff. She went with a champagne color theme and I wanted lime green and red.
 This is my favorite picture. Michelle was pretending to run through the store, we are actually on our way to check out.
 Here is our car loaded up. We had no luck at all at Home Depot/Lowes (everything was gone). Garden ridge was a last minute addition and it was a great choice (good call Shell). I found some stockings and Michelle got light up trees for her door and stockings. Sams club was good for gifts and a few decor things. They didn't have the ornaments I wanted (they had absolutely no ornaments left) so I was and still am bummed. It was like a mad rush of people in there, crazy.
 Here we are with our items. We stopped for starbucks at target and went from 6:30am-11:30am. We had such a fun time, the boys thought we were nuts. James did find some things he needed along the way so he got into it too. Big shout out to David for standing in line for 45 mins at Garden Ridge because there was ONE cashier working for 50 people in line and to James for transporting us to Sams so we could get there when it opened and going back for David.
 Here are some highlights: We got a set of 6 fun notepads (for gifts) for a toal of $4.91 (originally $15-20).
I have the hardest time finding a tree skirt that I liked so I decided I was going to try to make my own. I got this fabric on sale for $2 a yard at JoAnn's. It is going to go with my new color scheme. I love it.
 Here are my new stockings! They were originally only $8 so they were half off for $4 each!
 I got this fun tree decor from Sams for around $10.
These are med/large ornaments from target on sale for $2.50.
These are all the fun things my sister got for half off. I'd say it was a big success! What did you guys pick up?
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leah said...

Woah you guys racked up! That picture of you and Michelle running through Target just cracks me up... women on a mission for sure! We didn't go shopping at all this year b/c of the snow and no power, but I'm so glad you guys your lime green and red decor for next year!

Mock family said...

that was the most fun EVER!!

the girl in the red shoes said...

Love your finds! My mom and I did the same thing the day after Christmas. I think Target is my favorite spot to hit first!

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