Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Work Holiday Luncheon

 On Friday we had our Christmas Luncheon at work. We had so much good food so I'll let the photos speak for themselves.
 Pigs and a blanket appetizers
 Dessert Table
 All the yummy food. We are a company of mostly women and the men that we do have can really cook! Our IT guy made Roast Beef and Pork tenderloin and our Warehouse Manager made a ton of Salmon. I tried Salmon for the first time and I LOVED it!
 The company bought most of the sides so it was nice to just help set up and not have to worry about bringing anything else since I made a bunch for Thanksgiving.
 Here are the work gals (Leah, Lacey and me). My hair is really getting long!
 Everyone is enjoying their meal and Kevin (IT guy) is getting ready to set up a video. The only big enough space for us all to gather is the warehouse and luckily this day was in the 50's outside so it wasn't so cold.
 Our pretty centerpieces.
If your chair or the underneath side of your plate had a Christmas tree on it then you won a prize! Mine unfortunately did not have any. 
Our CEO couldn't make it to our Luncheon and she always does a Twas the night before Christmas poem and changes the words to incorporate everyone from our company so she recorded it so we could all enjoy. Pin It


the girl in the red shoes said...

What a fun party! I love the photo of you with Leah and Lacey...so cute!

Mock family said...

great party as usual, go KA

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