Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Media Closet Shelving Unit and New Printer

I mentioned yesterday about a little home project David worked on this weekend. We have a media closet (under the stairs) which is where I would go in the event of a tornado. 1 week ago today the tornado hit our neighborhood and I recall most everyone that they interviewed on the news talked about this little closet under the stairs where they went for safety. It's quite big in there actually and we had this shelving unit in there before, but the problem now was that we had this huge printer and I couldn't move it out of the way.
So David built this custom unit that fits all of our media equipment and our big printer. The key to this is the bottom where the printer is sitting. It is a rolling cart that you can move out of the way.
Here is a closer look as I was starting to pull it out. I ran out of time this morning to move the whole thing, but you get the idea.  The cart is also helpful if there is any paper jams in the back so we can access all sides. We still need to sand and stain it to make it pretty.
Speaking of printer, this is our gigantic laser printer. We had one just like this that fit in our office and a few months ago during a lightning storm it killed our printer. We got the old one free from Davids old work when they were moving and didn't want it anymore. We also got all this ink (which is majorly expensive) so we searched online for replacement parts and didn't have much luck. A new printer costs anywhere from $350(refurbished) - $800ish. We knew we didn't just want to give up on fixing/replacing it so we got on craigslist and found one at an office building downtown that they were having a moving type sale at. We called and the lady said that the ink exploded or something and she wanted way too much for it. So we told her to call us if it didn't sell. Well, it didn't sell and it was only $50!! David picked it up and cleaned out the ink issue and we have a brand new laser printer. We are still adjusting the colors and changing out the ink, but we could run a mini-printing press from our closet now. I am in charge of the neighborhood newsletter so this has helped make it much easier to produce. The other major bonus with this printer is that it has a flipper so it can print back and front without you doing anything. Pin It

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Ginny said...

Way to go David! That's the way to take care of your family. You are just too handy.

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