Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Recipe Books!

Now that christmas is over, I can share with you the homemade gift I made for my Mom and Sister. It is homemade recipe books. I looked on etsy for books and things to hold full page recipes and came across fabric books and the prices were over $30-$40 so I decided to make them myself. David came up with the design of how to construct it and I sewed it all (David taught me).
Here is the finished product. My mom got the gray with the flamingo and My sister got the pink with the M.
This is what they look like open. You start with a 3 ring binder and we added padding under the fabric. I put sheet protectors in there and printed out my favorite recipes for them.
The very last thing I did was iron on the embroidered elements. I got an M for my sister and by accident ironed it on the wrong side and its now a W, but if you flip it the right way its an M again.You can't see it since its on the back, but I was bummed when it happened.  
They really enjoyed getting the recipe books and it was fun making them. I think we may even do them for Davids family next year (so if you're reading, forget about it until next year and pick your pattern).
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Marla said...

VERY NICE!!! I love it! :)

Mock family said...

you will market these and become a millionaire, DO IT I'll be something important, I'll pick the fabric.

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