Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Baked Homemade Gift Ideas

I have been in search of some great edible homemade gifts. Our Best Bites has so many great suggestions and it made this really easy. Lets get started with cookies!
Sugar cookies frosted and festive are great gifts. You can make shapes or keep it simple.
 Candy Cane Kiss Cookies It really is all about the packaging. Take a look in all the photos to really make the presentation festive and fun!
 My new favorite thing is dry mix cookie ingredients with the recipe attached. We might just be doing this for Davids family (spoiler if you are reading).
 My next idea is for homemade bread! Who doesn't love bread, whether you give them the tools or you make it for them.
 Our Best Bites also had this cute photo of garlic bread seasoning with a loaf of bread! How adorable. Sorry, they only had a small pic available.
 Last year we did this hot fudge for his family.
My last idea is popcorn. I love Carmel popcorn and this candy popcorn looks so festive! My mom also wanted to add her fruit cakes which are easy and you can wrap it up with colored saran wrap and a cute bow. Her camera phone wasn't working last night so no picture. Any other suggestions I haven't thought about?
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Jen S said...

I'm giving my co-workers cookies that I made with the Savoia's recipe. I'm making the cookies and giving them an un-opened jar of jam to fill the cookies with. This way, they can freeze the plain cookies for a week, then fill them with jam the day they need to take a tray to pass at a party!

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