Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year!

We just got back from a week long vacation with my family to San Antonio, TX. My sister lives in Texas, but we decided to rent a house (thanks Shell!!) and spend the week some place fun and that most of us have never been. Although my Dad, Brother and Sister and law couldn't make it, we all still had a blast exploring and spending Christmas there together.
We stayed in this adorable 3 bedroom/ 2 bathroom Spanish style cottage close to downtown and all the shopping destinations. Highlights from our trip were the River Walk, shopping, eating and hanging out.
  I'll leave you with a few photos and will post more next week. This was taken on River Walk with all the lights surrounding the river. 
 My sissy and  me.
 Everyone (minus David) waiting to eat at Casa Rio on Riverwalk. It got super cold that night, but every other day it was in the 60's.
Everyone (minus James). We are glad to have the weekend to take down Christmas decor, clean the house and hang out with Davids family (since we didn't get to spend Christmas with them). Cheers to a great 2010 and hoping for an even better 2011! Pin It

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Chris said...

Coolio! Too bad we couldn't make it, good times!

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