Thursday, December 16, 2010

Slow Starting Day

I got home yesterday just as the freezing rain was starting in our area. I went to our neighbor Megan's house to eat pizza, wrap gifts and hang out with her adorable little kiddos and knew nothing of the weather outside. As I was coming home I almost fell up the driveway, it was a solid sheet of ice! Luckily I had grippy shoes on and I was able to ice skate my way up and into the house.

Here is the only pic I took this morning of the ice. It is our lovely, beat up grill cover that was all icy. I know I'm from NY and ice and a little snow are nothing, but its still exciting. The ice stayed with us this morning until our temperatures rised and the rain melted the ice. I am glad I have such an understanding boss and work so I was able to take my time coming in.
I also sent all my packages to their destinations today! I was so glad to get it all done, Christmas is sneaking up on my this year! So much to get done. I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and they were having frames at 50% off so I thought it was the perfect time to get my Grandmas frame. I took a picture from when she taught me to can tomatoes this fall and put it in a nice frame. I ended up going with my Grandmas on the right and I am keeping the one on the left for me. Pin It


leah said...

Love your frames Jen, such a cute pic! So glad you got your packages sent off, I know that's a relief for you!

Mock family said...

suck up

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