Monday, December 20, 2010

Early Christmas

David and I celebrated our Christmas this weekend for a few reasons. The biggest reason was because David couldn't wait to open his gift since he picked it out and ordered it for himself.
 We also wrapped Mollys and she wasted no time sniffing out hers and opening it.
  She really tore into it and had it open in no time. We got her this big set of tough toys from Sams club.
 I was a little nervous about the durability as Molly doesn't really play all she does is chew her toys. Turns out this one was the same way, as you can see in the picture. She already chewed it in to pieces. They are good for about 5-10 mins of play. The tail end of it is still good though. The only toys we are allowed to give her from now on are Kongs and Nyla bones.
 David did THE BEST job picking out my gift this year. We gave each other a $50 limit. He found this gigantic pot with the rack inside to hold 6 cans (for boiling the lids on tight) for $15! You can also make low country boils and sorts in there. Every since canning with my Grandma I have been wanting to build my own supplies. I want to make this a yearly tradition. He also got the canning kit that comes with everything you need to move your cans and open them after the fact (which I found to be nearly impossible). He also had money leftover to buy me this great Georgia Southern necklace that matches my bracelet and earrings I bought the last time we were there. Sorry I look rough, we were crafting all afternoon.
 David I got David this wireless bluetooth s9 hd headset from Motorola. You can play music and podcasts directly to your wireless headset so you don't have to have your wires in the way. It's great for working out and really does block the noise.
 Since he already knew what he was getting, I wrapped anything I could find so it would be a surprise. My friend Brooke's husband works in construction and they came over for dinner last week and David was saying how cold it has been so Trent sent this home for me to give David. It is super warm and he hadn't seen it so he loved it!
I also got him things that he needed like warm socks, aftershave and cologne. He was glad to get these and I was just glad it was a little bit something he didn't know was coming. We had a great time hanging out. I can't wait to post on our homemade gift that we did for my sister and mom. They turned out great and David taught me how to sew (yep, you read that right)! I really loved it and can't wait to keep practicing. David was the mastermind behind how to do it, but he let me sew and craft the whole thing. Pin It


Lacey said...

I'm glad you got to celebrate with David early! You both did a great job picking out your presents. And I love how Molly chewed hers to pieces in 10 min! :) I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

Jessica said...

If Molly likes soft toys you should check out this site. My dog, Dixie, is 70 lbs and a very aggressive chewer and we have the same problem with her destroying all of her toys except for Kongs.

We bought the blue baby dragon from this company and it actually lasted for several months. It has a squeaker and it is her favorite toy for sure! She eventually managed to chew a hole in it and rip out the stuffing, so we're on our 2nd dragon now.

I found ours at either Petsmart or Petco.

Mock family said...

that molly is feisty :) can't wait to see what my homemade gift is!! like TWO DAYS!

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