Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tis the Season

Now that Thanksgiving is over, its time to gear up for Christmas! We wasted no time this weekend and got all of our decorations up in 1 day (Sunday), nothing like waiting till the last day of the weekend.
Our gigantic Christmas tree, I have a tree skirt that I have down  now but I was waiting to vacuum again and must have already taken the picture. The colors do not show up well with my camera and apparently I didn't turn the lights on it on. It has lime green, red, purple and blue ornaments on the tree (not orange, I swear). We used to do a blue and silver tree theme (blue lights and all) but I wanted nothing to do with it this year. I will have to stock up on stuff for next year after Christmas.
 Our stairwell and hanging ornaments
 I also opened 1 box up that was new stuff that I got marked down from last years end of Christmas sale. That is always exciting for me because I never remember what I bought. I bought this lovely table cloth and used set our dining room table up. It needs to be ironed, sorry Mom. I love how the decor came out. The table cloth has snowflakes on the corner, which I seem to have not backed up enough to capture for you. You can imagine them I'm sure.
We received this nativity scene from Rita B (one of David's moms friends) with such a sweet note about using it for our first Christmas as a married couple and she also gave us the table setting that you see on the dining room table (minus the new table cloth). I think of her every time we get it out.
 Our mantle. I hate our stockings since I no longer want a blue theme, but they will do for now. Our TV also blocks most of the presents so we did our best to display them all (you can rearrange all of them). We got this at Sams club at an after Christmas sale last year or the year before. So fun. We are going to start hanging up Christmas cards and photos that line the tv area. We got our first card last week, thanks to Bob and Jen. It is adorable!!
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Jen S said...

It all looks so nice! Love the ornaments haging from the stairway! I see our photo peaking out from the mantle ;-)

Mrs. Werginz said...

Everything looks great! I love that you apoligized to your mom about not ironing the tablecloth! I would have to do the same for my mom! haha

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