Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Stuffed French Toast

This is definitely a food posting week. I made stuffed french toast over the weekend and it was amazing!! My pictures can't compare to the ones from the Pioneer woman,'s blog, but it tasted so good. The original recipe calls for cream cheese, but I used strawberry yogurt instead (since I don't like that cheese) and it worked perfectly and was more healthy. You have to try this for a breakfast where you have guests or a special occasion. A few tips: Get a big loaf of french bread, Sam's Club has huge ones for like 2.50 for 2 loaves. I froze the second loaf because the one made so much. I also didn't use the jam, just fresh strawberries and yogurt. Here is official recipe since you just have to see their pictures.
You slice the bread into about 2 inch pieces (mine are a little larger), then you slice a pocket where you stuff your strawberry mixture inside.
You soak them for 20 seconds in the egg mixture to sop up all the liquid and onto the griddle it goes
Look how yummy it all looks cooking!
So nice and golden brown
Mmmm the filling was goo-ing out
The complete breakfast meal with yummy bacon and fresh strawberries
This is David's fancy restaurant style presentation. The stuffed french toast was so good, it takes a little time and patience, but so worth it in the end.
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david said...

That was the best french toast I have ever had. Thanks babe.

leah said...

This looks amazing. I can't wait to try it out!!!

Julie @ www.downtimeweblog.com said...

Oh. My. God! I'm definitely gonna have to road test this one.

Tiffany @ Eat at Home said...

That looks amazing. My kids would love it.

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