Thursday, May 3, 2012

0-3 Month Baby Necessities

Our little guy is quickly approaching 3 months old. I have been jotting down things that we use every day and I thought this might help those that are expecting. These are in no particular order.
Swing- Since Max was a wee little baby he has always loved his swing. He loves the swinging motion and takes a majority of his naps still in the swing. I put the pic of the plug-in swing (snug a bunny) as we have the battery one (lamb) and let's just say we've used quite a few batteries so far.
Cuddler bassinet with pack and play- At night time we had been using the cuddler bassinet (on left in pic, its removable) from the pack and play and putting it bedside for him to sleep in. We tried other bassinets, but he didn't like being so flat. He liked having the sides snug up around him. He literally out grew it so we had to make the change to the crib a few weeks ago.
Wubbanub- Although Max isn't a huge paci baby, he does prefer these soothie pacifiers. I just love the animals and it makes them so easy to find when we have misplaced them.
Swaddle Blankets- We really loved the summer infant velcro blankets when he was really small, most everything else was huge. He then out grew those (the do make bigger sizes) and we have been rotating between the miracle blanket and muslin blankets (which have been great in our hot georgia weather).
Boppy- I love my boppy. I couldn't breastfeed without it. I'm sure the other ones that are similar are good too, I've just never tried them. It has been great for him to rest on to get to the right height to eat and it's also perfect for propping him up with.
Changing pad liners- This was a gift at my shower which is very handy so you don't have to wash your changing pad cover as often. You just put this down incase there are accidents as you are changing.
Pampers Swaddlers- We really have only tried this brand of diaper. We have had no reason to switch as we hardly have any leaks (only when he eats sometimes and is laying down it comes out the side sometimes) or blow outs. We buy them in big packs at Sams or
Huggies Wipes- I've mentioned these before too, but we love the huggies natural care wipes.
Stroller/carseat combo- I am so happy with the car seat/stroller combo we purchased. I would highly recommend the Aprica model we have. It is one of the most light weight strollers so I can easily get it out, break it down and lift it myself.  Make sure you try whatever one you buy out at the store. The car seat snaps in to the car base so easily and I love the colors.
Sheet Savers- I got a couple of these and use them all the time. I put one on the changing area of the pack and play and one in his crib to catch any little spit up mishaps. I like the terry ones and they wash easily.

Cloud B Sheep- We use this to get him to sleep just to drown out other noises. He seems to like it, it isn't magic, but definitely helps. We use the travel one as it's nice to velcro it to the crib or take it with us in the carseat.

Breast Pump- I have really gotten my money's worth out of my medela pump and style breast pump. I use the pump and style bag. I pump after the morning feedings still (when I have the most milk) just to have some for reserve. I also used it when my supply was low to build it up. You really have to get the double pumps for ease of use.

Breast Pump Hands Free Bra- This one is a must-have to go with the pump. I tried the medela ones, but this one is WAY better. I purchased via amazon and it really is the best. This one is adjustable.

Button or zipper (non over the head) shirts- These are great for middle of the night diaper changes so you don't wake baby up as much.
Activity Mat- Max still loves his activity mat. He plays on it after we feed him as one of his awake time activities. He loves the lights and sounds. We have this exact one.

Ergo Baby Carrier- I really like this carrier. The material is super nice and it's pretty easy to get it on by myself. He does get a little sweaty in there so it might be a bit toasty for the summer. I do still like my moby wrap, but I haven't perfected putting it on. It requires an additional person, I think I just need to watch some youtube instructional videos.
Mirror for the car- enough said. I am super paranoid so this is a must for me to make sure baby boy is doing okay. We don't have a middle head rest so ours is a bit tricky to set up, we have it on the side head rest angled down.
Bath Tub- We use this tub nightly during Max's bedtime routine and although it's a bit large, it fits nicely on our bathroom counter so we don't have to bend over. We just fill it up with a big cup and set him on in it. He loves it. The tub has 2 sides, one for 0-6 months and the other 6-24 months.
Boon Drying Rack- Since I have been pumping a lot after feedings and what not I like to use this to put my pump supplies and bottle equipment. It is plenty big and super cute!
Motorola Video Baby Monitor- There is no way I could leave Max in the crib without this. I am pretty sure I watch it all night and don't really sleep, but I'm getting better. You can see very clearly even at night. I love the screen size (we have the 3.5") and the pan tilt views.

That's all I can think of for now as my necessities. I do know that some babies hate their swings and people prefer bouncy seats so this list is just what Max is in to and not guaranteed for all babies. Hope this helps!
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the girl in the red shoes said...

Totally bookmarking this post! Thanks for all of the great ideas!

leah said...

Love this post! I love reading what works for other moms, and most of ours were the exact same!

C & F said...

What great information. How nice of you to share what is helpful and working for you with others =)

Joanna said...

I agree with so many of these! I love our Motorola monitor. It has a clear picture during the day and night. My little guy adores the play mat. Something about those colors, particularly black and white intrigues him! Gives me just enough time to get ready in the morning.

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