Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Max is 6 Months Old

Max turned 6 months on August 9th. I am a bit behind in posting, but didn't want you to miss out on seeing Max for his official 6 month photo shoot. 
 Stats- Weight: 16 lbs 2 oz (22%) Height: 26" (31%)  Head Circumference: 17 1/2" (48%)
 Personality- He is such a smiley little thing. He loves smiling and it doesn't take much to get one out of him. He gets noticed at every store we go to. He flirts with everyone and will smile and charm them. I have almost sent him home with a few people.
 He is always "talking" and making sounds to let you know he is around. He has lost his voice a few times from screaming (happy screams).
 Eating: I am nursing him every 3 hours or so still and we've upped his baby food feedings to 3 times a day based on a recommendation from our pediatrician. Max LOVES baby food. He can't get enough of it. He stares at you when you eat and wonders where his is. He can barely stand me going to the freezer to get his food out because he's so excited in anticipation. So far he still loves apples, pears, peas and sweet potatoes the most. We are introducing apple/blueberries, butternut squash and a broccoli/squash mixture this month.
Sleeping: Unfortunately, it's gone from bad to worse. My child does not like to sleep through the night. He goes down to sleep around 8pm and gets up at least 3-4 times per night. Most times he just wants you to sing to him and pat him on the back (he is a side sleeper). He was doing so well because he found his thumb and was soothing himself. Now, he does not want anything to do with him thumb.  All I can say is I am SO glad I am not working. I wouldn't make it. He still naps in his swing.
 Development: He is still a very active baby. He is always moving. He started making funny faces with his mouth/tongue and nose recently. You can see it in these next few photos.
 He loves his rainforest jumper that we got him last month. He is more interested in figuring out what each play activity does than actually bounce (def. David's kid). His walker is still super fun for him. He loves standing and now does quite well sitting. You can leave him there and he will only topple a few times.
 He is an outdoorsy boy already. He loves watching the trees blow and just having wind come by. He takes deep breaths and laughs. I see camping in David's future for sure.
 We are just loving this little boy so much. He is so fun to be around. We are finally taking Max up to NY to meet the family next week. He is so excited to see everyone and his Auntie Michelle and Uncle Chris.
 Randoms: Size 2 Pampers Swaddlers
Size 6 month clothes
We gave him some puffs and he loves those of course (any food)
We also fill a sippy with a little water to wash his food down with and he LOVES water. He can't master the sippy yet, but he is open to it if I hold it. 
Mr. Blue eyes is going to be a little heart breaker when he gets older as they are def. staying
 He is def. ready to start moving on his own. You can see how frustrated he is here. He is our little drama king.
Silly little face.
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Gigi said...

Max is so adorable! I am so glad I'm here so I don't miss anything.

Jen S said...

What a cutie! Can't wait to meet him next week.

the girl in the red shoes said...

Happy 6 months Max! You are the cutest little guy ever!

leah said...

He is such a cutie. I love reading about his little personality and so glad those blue eyes are staying!

Chris said...

Aww, so cute...can't wait to see him again next week! :o)

Mock family said...

what a cutie, now sleep!

Lacey said...

Oh my goodness!! All of these photos are adorable! I can't believe Max is already 6 months old! I loved reading all of his milestones! He's one cute baby! We need to get together soon!

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