Monday, April 15, 2013

Lumberjack by Weekend

It was a pretty nice weekend weather wise so David tackled a few outdoor projects.  He's been wanting to remove some branches off a tree in our backyard that was getting too close to the house. He used a rope saw to get the job done.
I don't have a full before shot because David decided on Friday  night right before it was getting dark he was going to set up his rope. Well it was going so well that he just decided to remove one of the branches. The window was open because it was so nice and all I hear was SWOOSH and down it went. Very nice and easily. 
His goal was to remove the whole huge left branch that you see.  So he started with the one jets out to 10 on a clock hand.
It really didn't take but a few minutes each time to saw his way through the branches.
It got a little intense and David took a fall, but he was OK.
I took this from our upstairs window as he was sawing away.
Here are the action shots of it coming down. He had to be careful as our neighbors house is also very close to this tree.
On it's way swinging through our 2 houses.
All done, down it goes.
This is David showing off after he completed his lumberjack tasks.
This is what he removed so far.  I left for the store after this and I really didn't know that he was planning on taking the massive branch that was holding the other 2 that he already removed.  I am REALLY glad I wasn't there for this part. 
This is the after.  I took this pic Sunday morning and I thought it was light out, but I guess the sun was still making it's way up as it came out pretty dark. You can see that the whole thing is removed.   Apparently he grazed the side of our house (there is a slight mark that needs to be brushed off and the downpout is a little dented in one area, but it's mostly fixed now).  My mom heard the snap noise and David was pretty confident it wasn't going to do any severe damage and he was right.  Still scary though!  I just can't believe that the rope saw cut through those thick branches. 
Before and After
David also finished installing our indoor speakers and he flush mounted these outdoor ones.  It sounds fantastic and it's a nice transition from the family room through the kitchen and out the deck door.  I am so glad my husband is so handy and he can do all these projects.
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Jen S said...

Looks like fun, actually! Love the Happy Hour sign :)

leah said...

I tell you what, who knew our husbands were lumberjacks?! So proud of them for tackling anything these days! Looks great, David!

Frank said...

from Railroad engineer to lumber jack. A man for all seasons. The question is how did you Jenn's muscle on your arm. Trick photo huh...

Chris said...

Hah, nice job! It reminds me of an old Monty Python skit "I'm a Lumberjack" except this lumberjack goes a little bit rogue about 1/2 way through. ;) Still funny though!,d.aWc

Sara McCarty said...

Your lumberjack hubby needs to teach my hubby a thing or two. We are bound to lose power any day now with all the branches over/around our electrical wires. Ugh. Will you rent him out for hire?!

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