Friday, October 4, 2013

Five on Friday!

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{ONE}  It's almost pumpkin patch time! I can't wait to take Max to the pumpkin patch this year. I seriously feel like we just took this last photo of him but he is a year older! David's still studying like crazy so we try not to plan too much in a weekend so he can study a majority of the time, but we are planning to go this weekend (weather permitting). 

{TWO} I am super excited about the holiday pajamas that arrived for embroidery. I am a little overwhelmed by the amount I have to embroider, but taking it one order at a time it isn't so bad! I am ready to get started so little kids (and adults) everywhere can get their holiday planning underway. Yes, David and I got full sets to match Max. Get ready for our holiday card this year, I hope Max is into it. 
{THREE} Fall shows are in full gear and frankly it's hard to keep up! I try to watch at night when doing embroidery design files or embroidering shirts, but I run out of time and have to pick favorites. I of course still LOVE How I Met Your Mother, New Girl, Modern Family, The Middle, The Neighbors and Big Bang as my staples from past seasons. Here are some of the new ones I am liking (I won't say loving because I only watched a few episodes so I really don't know: Brooklyn  Nine-Nine (with Andy Samberg), The Crazy Ones (with Robin Williams), Dads (with Seth Green), Mom (with Anna Farris) and Trophy Wife. And there were 2 more shows that premiered last night (We're the Millers and Sean Saves the World) that I want to try to check out. I am sure I forgot some. Shell, fill me in. 

{Four} Max has been very cooperative in the mornings lately. He will sometimes just lay in his crib and hang out for a while when he wakes up. I think it's because he is addicted to his pacci, but it's fine for now. Other times I take him out and he watches a little cartoons and then plays nicely in the bathroom while I shower. He insists I spread a towel out and help get his toys ready. Again, also could be because I let him keep his pacci, but it's so cute. 
{Five} I started a wishlist on amazon for things for Max for Christmas. Of course I feel like he needs most of them now, but I'll slowly start deciding to purchase. A lot of blog moms have been putting out their recommendations for their toddlers and it's great to look ahead and get on the ball. I need to research pottys as I just want to get one to put out because Max is so interested in telling us he has to go or just went #2.  Our little Miss. Hadley will be ONE next month so I've been thinking about what to get her as well.   Pin It


Megan {Willow & Co.} said...

we're hoping to hit up the pumpkin patch this weekend too - hope you get to go!

Elise @ cheers yall said...

oh my goodness hannah anderson pajamas...YES!!!! only the best!!!


Andrea said...

I'm so excited to take my babe to the pumpkin patch! Last year he was only a month this year he can actually sit amongst the pumpkins! :) New follower on bloglovin'! -Andrea

Chris said...

We've been having the same problem with shows, mostly because we're forgetting to record the new ones. But it's ok, cause we don't end up having time to watch them either. Of the brand new ones, we're digging the the Crazy Ones the most I think. We only saw the first episode of Brooklyn 99, but that has potential. We just set one that is on tonight to record, something about Men with the one guy from Harold and Kumar. Like you said, too many to keep up with. ;)

Mock family said...

like the rebel wilson, super fun night! no go on the dads show

ohhhh hadley :( too big no no dont turn one my baby girl
little boy at the pumpkin patch doesn't even look like my buddy