Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Max's Curious George 2nd Birthday Party!

We had the best weekend celebrating Max's 2nd Birthday! The theme was Curious George. 
Cousin Hadley and Max were two peas in a pod! I'll let the pictures do most of the talking. 
For the favors I ordered Curious George books from ebay to pass out to all the kids.  We also made curious George Masks from pbs kids website.  I got the idea from another party on pinterest to make a guest book out of the Curious George birthday book. That turned out pretty well. It was hard to keep up with everyone, but we have a lot of messages for the birthday boy.
Max has a small table so I set it up as the coloring station. They also had printables on pbs.com so I printed those on cardstock.
We turned the dining rom into the eatery. We borrowed tables and chairs from family (thanks!!) and my cousins did the streamer hanging. I stuck with the blue, red and yellow color scheme throughout.
I made a yellow hat out of the cup and plates (thanks Pinterest). 
Pretty girl Hadley and her cute outfit! She had her birthday shirt from when she turned 1 as curious George so it was perfect!
I went with colored paper lanterns, little mini fans and balloons for the rest of the decorations. 

We had a game of Pin the Hat on Curious George that we played from here.  
Drink table. Jucie boxes for the kiddos and adult juice punch for the adults (preggos excluded). 
Gift and Pizza tables waiting. 
Family photo. I found an adorable Curious George zip up hoodie with monkey ears at target on clearance a month or so ago and it was perfect for the party!
One without the ears. 
Precious boy. Just love him so. 
My sister and our littles. We both decided on navy stripes for the party and neither of us wanted to change. 
Who do you call when you don't want to make your own cake, why the cake lady of course!  She was given that name by brides around our area. She did our wedding cake! She was so reasonably priced and I just LOVE how it turned out. George is actually a flash light that I found on Ebay and the 2 is from Party City (thanks to D & S for picking that up for us).
Thank goodness it was such a nice day out. We had most the kids and some family outside hanging out. We ended up with almost 50 guests (35 adults, 15 kids) so it helped us all not feel cramped.
I also kept it simple with Riverside pizza of course, and fruit salad. 
David's mom painted this great monkey face cut out for everyone to pose for pictures with. I just love how it came out!! So cute.
The older kids loved the game. 
The little kids just wanted to go up and stick their hats on. They still weren't close even with their eyes open haha.
Time to sing Happy Birthday or as Max says Happy Day. 
He did pretty well blowing out the candle, but we had to help a little! 
My 2nd cousins (left) just moved to the area from NC (originally from NY, where I'm from). Their parents (my 1st cousins) next to them are moving in a few months. Then we have a family friend and his son from NY who moved to the area, Michelle, Gigi and me! So that's a whole lot of NY in GA! It's great having family so close now. We're waiting for the rest of you :)
Max had fun opening presents later that evening. He really got into it and started really getting into it. 
Our neighborhood friends know Max so well. They got him this GIGANTIC indoor/outdoor bouncing ball. He absolutely loves it. He really loved all his gifts. We are so thankful for everyone and their generosity.
My mom and sister were busy helping me get ready for Max's big boy room. We're sticking with the Where the Wild Things are theme since I really didn't do the nursery when we moved. My mom made the pillows and blanket. My sister found a great matching quilt for his twin sheets for when he gets his big boy bed.
Max also got a cool scooter from family friends. Its actually made for 2year olds and is very sturdy. 
All the big kids in the neighborhood have scooters so now Max can fit right in with his (with plenty of supervision of course).
A few other favorites were this tool kit set with goggles! He looks silly, but I love it! He loves to say bang bang bang when hammering. 
Auntie Marla and Uncle Chris got him this great Chair with his name on it. It's going to go perfect with his big boy room.
Hadley was right on board to show Max how to use the chair. 
Max of course found his own use (jumping from the couch to the chair)... It was a great party and I can't believe my little boy is 2 years old! Thank you to everyone who helped, came, sent gifts, and was a part of his special day near and far. We all felt the love! I seriously forget I am pregnant sometimes when I'm so busy with Max, but I sure felt it that night being sore in my back and feet (the next day too)! Pin It


Jen S said...

Happy Day, Max! The party looked great. How exciting that Karen will be nearby :)

Chris said...

Aww, so fun! That first pic is too cute!!

Amanda said...

Great party. Looks like everyone had a lot of fun and the yummy food.

Mock family said...

great recap!! woohooo happy bday buddo

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