Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter Egg & Basket Time!

Here is the last of the Easter photos. I guess I should have done one post, but there are just too many cute photos not to share individually.
We decided try this pinterest Easter egg tutorial because it seemed easy for buddy to participate. We used cool whip instead of shaving cream as advised for people who might lick. It dyed the eggs, but not very well. I would say pinterest fail.
I love that his tongue is out while he concentrates. You roll the egg in mixed cool whip/food coloring.
He had fun so that's all that matters.
You're supposed to let them sit for 10 mins and we did way longer so that wasn't the issue. Then you just pat dry or use a little cold water to rinse.
Final product. See what I mean.
Max's Easter basket with bubbles, chalk, Goodnight Construction site book (love it), new water bottle and a few candy items.
We hid it in his dishes cupboard.
Easter bunny Gigi hid another gift with a bike helmet and some fun water Nerf guns for summer.
Here is the happy boy before we set off to find his Easter basket.
Look at that face! He kept doing that after he would search an area. He just got done looking in the back of his bike compartment. He really got into it and understood that we were looking for something.
Not under the blankets either!
Nope, not here. Daddy and Max in matching shirts. Max has been refusing to wear any polos, button ups or any nice shirts in general. We are going to be the parents who send their kid in the same shirt every day. My mom calls this the independent 2's instead of terrible 2's.
Getting warmer!
Found it!

He was pretty excited. Of course he noticed the big bubbles and then went straight for the m & m's. He loves his chocolate.
Bubbles now please he says.
Off he went in search of his other Easter gifts. What a spoiled little boy.
I wish he would have turned his head so you could see the face. He was doing his happy dance.
Spiderman helmet!
Water toys!
Here is his happy dance. He was very excited about everything. We couldn't ask for a better reaction. Precious boy. Check out the rainforest in the back windows! It's all filling in now and just so pretty!
Ready to play!
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Sara McCarty said...

Love this! The look on his face is priceless! Happy boy!

Chris said...

Great pics, he looks so excited!

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