Monday, June 23, 2014

2 Week Baby # 2 Thoughts

These 2 weeks have flown by with our sweet Colette. Thank you all for your congratulatory messages. We have been blessed with family and friends visiting, making us meals and taking care of things for us. We have it easier than most as my mom has been taking care of Max for us while we got adjusted to another little one. We are so lucky to have her here! I have time to post more, but I am enjoying the baby snuggles, naps and netflix (Orange is the New Black is so addicting right now). Here are some random thoughts 2 weeks in.

-Colette was a very sleepy baby the first 2 weeks. She's starting to wake up more and get a little fussier, but I think she's just gassy. Nothing we can't handle.

-She's in newborn sizes, but quickly outgrowing them.

-She surpassed her birth weight at her 10 day weight check at the doctor. She was almost a pound up from the week before. Up 5-6 oz from birth weight.

- We did newborn photos on day 11. Similar to with Max. She didn't cry/scream as much as Max did, but she was very awake for them.

-She was in newborn diapers, but the size 1's fit better to me so just using up what we have.

-She is such a great eater, it is SO much easier the 2nd time around. I have used lanolin ONE time... nope, not one time an hour like I was last time... ONE TIME TOTAL. It doesn't hurt at all. It came so easily at the hospital and it has been stress free. I am actually enjoying the break and love feeding her. With Max, I was alway afraid I was missing something because it took so long to feed and now I welcome the time.

-My milk came in over night on the 3rd night (it wasn't till day 5 with Max).

-She's eating every 3 hours just about. Sometimes earlier and it seems like she's at a 2 week growth spurt. At night I feed her around 10 and she's in her cuddler bassinet sleeping by 11. Then she's up around 1:30/2 and then again around 4:30/5. We are usually up for the day by 7/7:30 of course Max is up anywhere between 6:30-7ish.

-She has been very easy to put back to bed after the middle of the night feedings. David now uses a head light to change the dirty diapers so she doesn't wake up a lot. Works like a charm!

-We've been family napping (sometimes all in one bed, but usually separate) around 2/2:30 every afternoon and I am loving that. It's a great way to catch up on sleep and keeps me going till 11pm.

-I am loosing weight faster this time, but I didn't put as much on with Colette. I am eating a ton, always hungry and thirsty.

-Max is such a great big brother. He loves kissing on her and really doesn't try lashing out on her one bit (Hadley gets most of that-sorry girl).

-I love the my brest friend nursing pillow. It's like an inner tub, that straps on. Support on all sides.

-She sleeps in the cuddler napper that was in the pack and play. We take it out and put it securely in the bassinet my sister is letting us borrow. She didn't like that. Our swing isn't working the best but she likes it ok. She naps either on us or in the cuddler.

-She likes to be swaddled, but also likes her hands out sometimes.

-She's been out to dinner (lots of family in town) 2-3 times already and to a Father's day pool outing (good thing it was cooler and shaded). Going to be a long hot summer since she really is too young for any water.

-She makes grunting sounds a lot (sometimes a few hours leading up to a big poopy). She has plenty of dirty diapers and wet ones. I stopped counting after my milk came in and things picked up.
-The majority of her belly button cord piece fell off on day 8. 

-The recovery is night and day between a C-Section and regular birth. I am so glad I got to experience that. Sure I was a little sore, but nothing in comparison. I could walk up stairs, lift the baby, help change diapers and put on pants without it hurting. Anyone contemplating a VBAC (if your doctor approves) I would HIGHLY recommend it. I am just glad I went into labor as early as I did so I didn't have to stress about that. Birth story coming soon.
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Chris said...

Glad the recovery was much easier and that we got to come up and see everyone! Good times!

Ginny said...

They are the best and cutest ! Having all my children and grandchildren her at the same time was amazing !!!

Jen S said...

Glad things are going so well for you! Keep the pictures coming!

Mock family said...

Great recap!

Sara McCarty said...

Yay! I'm so glad everything is going so well! I've been thinking about you guys so much lately. Glad to hear Max is doing great with her and that she's a good eater! I'm totally jealous that you've had no problems breastfeeding (I really hope it's the same way for me) and that the weight is coming off quickly. You're rocking it, mama!

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