Monday, September 22, 2014

Max is 2.5 Years Old

Max started preschool 2's class September 3rd. Max also turned two and a half in August so this will be a combo post!
This is the photo I posted on facebook/IG that summarized how he was feeling about going back to school.
He was actually a little hesitant and excited about going back to school this year. He loves a good cheese face.
They make them use these bags instead of fun backpacks.
Max is in the 2-3 year old class with 9 other kids. He has 2 teachers and I am happy to report he is LOVING school. Last year he cried on drop off I would say for the first 2 months no joke. This year I think he cried on the first day for a minute but that is it! He talks very fondly of his friends and the things they do. They keep them very busy.

He looks so grown up with his haircut.
New developments- Max started stuttering about 2 months ago. I'm hoping it's just a temporary thing, but I'm not sure if it's related to new baby regression stuff or just a phase. He talks in complete sentences now. Max is all boy and now loves all things shoot guns (what he calls water guns). All summer he loved playing with them and shoots things. I swear we don't teach him these things and it's just ingrained into little boy's heads. Of course our 4 year old neighbor also might have helped him. He loves playing rocket launcher. He is also at times a defiant terrible 2'er. He tests us and doesn't listen and is just a wild man. Reading up on some more moms on call advice about simmer rooms and all that fun stuff.
Eating- He still loves most every kind of fruit imaginable and would only eat fruit if you let him. His favorites are grapes, oranges (clemintines), bananas, strawberries, blueberries. We still struggle at dinner to get him to eat most things. We still are letting him watch a tv show while eating dinner because he actually eats all his dinner (with a little coaxing and help). He still doesn't love most veggies, but will eat the peas, beans, carrots and cucumber.

Goals- In his 2 year update I had some lofty goals to accomplish before baby got here and I am very pleased to say that we have accomplished all of them. Some better than the rest, but I'll take it for now. Goal # 1 was to get Max into his big boy bed. This one is our biggest challenge still. He sleeps just fine in there, but over the past months he has started climbing out and makes up excuses to why he needs us to come back in (spread my blankets, Can't find monkey, have to go potty, tissue, water, etc...). I was reading the Moms on call toddler book and they say to put the lock on the door on the outside to keep them safe (from wandering the house and other things). We have to use a gate sometimes on his door so it isn't a far stretch, but I am still letting that sink in.
Sleep- He still naps (once you get him to stay in there) for about 2 solid hours in the afternoon and sleeps from about 8:30-6:30am. He used to sleep till 7:15, but it's very random now. He does sometimes bust in our room in the middle of the night and scare the crap out of me. He usually just says spread my blankets or hops in the bed and we can put him back in no problem. We have tried one of those clocks that turn green when it's ok to get up... not working.
Our goal #2 was to take away the pacci. And we did that very successfully. He had a hard time at first, but after about a week it was fine and he doesn't even try to use his baby sisters. He even picks hers up and gives it back to her. I'm super impressed!
Our goal # 3 was to potty train Max and over memorial weekend we tried the 3 day stay at home plan. This I thought was going to be the hardest was actually very easy for us. He wet the bed a few times at night when we tried just letting him wear undies to bed, but thanks to my friend Leah who suggested to do diapers at night until he had around 20-30 (depending how comfortable you are) days where he woke up dry. He would get fun stickers and ever since that he has been good to go. We do ask if he has to go a lot, but he's very stubborn and will tell you when he has to go. There really wasn't anything I did to make this easy, he was ready and just let me have this one :) This makes up for his 6 months of solid crying as a baby.
He is so good with Colette still I had to include a duo photo for ya. Lots of kisses and hugs for our baby girl from big brother.
Can't wait for them to really start playing together. Love these kiddos.
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"B" said...

She looks so much like your niece I think. They are super cute! WE have the same issues with the getting out of bed thing. Perhaps I need to try a gate!

Chris said...

Such great pics! He's so expressive and ya really caught him in action. Sure is growing up fast.

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