Friday, November 7, 2014

October Updates- We've Been Busy!

If you follow me on instagram you've probably seen some of these, but I realized I didn't post much in October so you get to hear about the latest happenings all at once!
1. Max is LOVING school. He goes M, W, F and doesn't cry at all. He talks about his teachers a lot and class mates. He says his best friend's name is Landon. The teachers are so great about sending pictures and updates.
2. David took his exam a few weeks ago and has a long wait to find results. We are just glad for this break to have him back with us instead of stuck in the books. 

3. As you know Michelle and her gang came to stay for a few weeks. Miss. Bella is also here and she doesn't get in many photos so I took a selfie with her. She has a bitchy resting face and can't help it, but that's ok we love her anyway. 
4. Cousin fun before the sicknesses took over.
5. Out of no where Max came down with croup on a saturday morning. I noticed when he got up that he had this deep cough although he didn't really cough. It was just deep in there and I knew he might be getting croup. We ran to home depot with the kids and I looked at him in the store (must have been the neon lights they have in there) and I knew we had to get him home and that he didn't look good. He had a fever so we laid low that day. We put him to bed like usual and then an hour later he was screaming and crying. He was having a hard time catching his breath and it was the worst wheezing sound you've ever heard. If your children have had croup you know what I'm talking about. I had read up on it and also saw if they are drooling that they may be having issues with their air passage ways so we headed to CHOA ER. This was after 9 so the urgent care CHOA they have closer to us was closed. 
We had to give him a breathing treatment and a steroid. We stayed there until 1 or 2 am. He did not love that mask on his face although it appears he doesn't care (after I snapped pic he freaked). We kept him out of school the next week and we hoped no one else would get it. Flash forward almost 10 days later Hadley came down with it... They went to the urgent care place so not as tramatic as an ER but she had the same treatments done. We just could not shake these sicknesses. Thankfully Colette did not get it as of now. We have all at some point had bad coughs, lost our voices and sore throats. 
6. The rug I picked out for the basement playroom/living room came in and I LOVE it. I picked it out from Home Decorators (we have a store in Alpharetta that I went to at lunch one day). They had 20% off, free shipping and mattress pad so I was sold. 
7. My sister got a contract on her house over the asking price so that called for a champagne celebration! 
8. Our alma mater Georgia Southern played Georgia State at the Georgia Dome a few weeks ago and we got tickets to tailgate and watch the game. A lot of fun (maybe too much for some) was had. Apparently this pic was hard to tell the two of us apart. Take your guesses. Our school (the real GSU) came out victorious and we are #1 in our division (our new sunbelt division might I add).
Most of you know that David is not a huge fan of football. Tailgating he is all for it and hanging out, but not the actual game. So while we were cheering our faces off David made himself a challenge of getting into the box seats and having free beer. To get proof he got a picture with GUS! I am totally jealous.
9. Fall in Georgia is very pretty. Especially the entrance to our neighborhood. 
10. I mean they just are so adorable. Max genuinely loves his sister and tries to play with her and hold her hand a lot. It's the cutest thing. I love how she is holding his hand in this picture.
11. Kinsley (Max's cousin) goes to the same school (diff. teacher) but they see each other for recess, specials and events. My mom went to help at the fall festival and got some great shots of them. 
His class. They are so cute. 
12. Well everyone, this is really exciting news. Our contractor is DONE with his work on the basement! That doesn't mean we are done done, but we are very close! David and the guys still are working on getting all the lighting in, hooking up showers, toilets, door knobs and finishing touches. Here are a few photos in bad light to show you. 
I love the colors we went with and the ceilings. Sorry about the refrigerator in the middle of the room, but we haven't moved it to the correct spot yet. More updates when we are completely done. 
13. Nothing is more fun than cousin bath time! Hope you all have a great weekend!
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Jen S said...

Nice recap! Glad everybody is on the upswing from being sick. The basement looks so different and amazing. Can't wait to see the final pictures!

Mock family said...

Awesome recap I'm going to start just putting your link on my blog bc in slacking... I need to get a job so I can blog :)

Chris said...

Great recap and pics!

leah said...

AHHH the basement looks SO good! Love your colors and that rug will go perfect in there too! OF COURSE I know looking at the pic-- that you are on the right with the beads and Michelle is on the left. Can't fool me! So glad everyone is over their sicknesses... we feel your pain with croup!!

Sara McCarty said...

So much going on! Mac starts preschool tomorrow and I really hope he loves it as much as Max does! The photos of the class are too cute! And I love that he wants to hold Collette's hand. Dying. Mac will occasionally pet Mim's head, like a dog, which I think is hilarious.

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