Thursday, December 4, 2014

Molly Surgery

About 4 weeks ago Molly underwent surgery to check out her tumor that keeps coming back on her back right leg. This is her 3rd surgery. Each time he tries to get as much as he can, but it has come back faster this time. She moved around fine, but it was pretty massive. We talked about many options from not doing anything to taking her leg. The doctor said he wouldn't know until he was in how bad and if it would be an option. He called during the surgery to say that it's pretty bad and the best chance of it not coming back would be to just take her leg. I just hope to not deal with this once a year so I was fine with it. I knew she would be able to adjust to 3 legs. After her first surgery she barely used the leg for some reason (after the 2nd she seemed good to go so we were very surprised when it came back so fast).
This was definitely a hard recovery for all involved. It started out pretty well as she was bandaged up. We had it changed a few times and then they wanted it to air out so the cone stayed on nonstop for at least 2 weeks. She is NOT to be trusted even for 3 seconds.
Max was so sweet to her. He put stuffed animals in her cone and sat and played in the office. She was very whiny the first few days coming down from her anesthesia.
A few days in she was up and interested in people food and dishes so she was doing great. When we took off the bandage we started noticing a pocket of liquid and it was the drainage just forming a ball like swollen area. We took her in and the doctor said it ruptured with a slight touch. It needed to drain and they kept her there during the day a few days so we wouldn't have to deal with the mess while at work. Well, it leaked and leaked and leaked (think red, gooey, gross stuff) for a solid week. She sat and slept in her crate most the time because it truly was a mess. I have pictures if you want to see it, but I'll spare you.
FINALLY after those 2-3 weeks she was back to her spunky self. She goes up our stairs, jumps on our bed and down all the back steps to go potty. At night she needs a little help up on things as she's tired. I took this one morning. Her fur hasn't grown back and that's just her underneath side to show you her no leg area.
We are thankful to still have our Molly and hopeful that it won't ever come back!!
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Chris said...

Aww, glad you are adjusting good and back to your spunky sell Molly!

Jen S said...

Aw Molly! Extra treats and people food for you!

Marla said...

Glad Molly is all back to her normal self! :)

"B" said...

Way to go Molly! Glad she has adjusted so well!

Sara McCarty said...

Oh, what a sweet pup! Our sheltie had hip surgery a few years ago and hobbled around on 3 legs for a while too. Glad to hear that she's doing so well and adjusting. She's such a pretty dog!

The Wanna-be Southern Belle said...

aww man, that is so tough to watch and deal with. Poor thing!! I'm so glad she is doing better...those first borns have a special place in our hearts :) xo

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